Rewriting the Script: No Longer Bound by Veronica Young

Coming June 1 from Veronica Inspires 
VERONICA, ten years old and growing physically during a cold winter in the eighties, the
winter begins to chip away at her youthful glow when her father dies in a hospital in Maryland.
Unable to grapple with why God would take away a father who was a consistent provider, a solid
role model and all around good person, his death sets her life into a regressive motion. Veronica
no longer feels the unconditional love, security and order that her dad once provided, and in an
effort to take control of an uncontrollable situation, Veronica begins to submerse herself into an
adult world of faulty friendships, an abusive relationship that ends in an abortion, dependency,
hidden agendas and without much resistance, freely lets this one circumstance shape the rest of
her life, forever threatening her chances at success.
Her MOM, thirty-two years young and still needing to find herself, now not only has to deal
with her own grieving, but has to choose between the demands of a nearing adolescent daughter
or DANIELLE – her youngest daughter. One of them has to take a back seat. Unable to
control Veronica, mom and AUNT together make the decision to send Veronica to New York.
Veronica’s aunt is determined to give her the structure and discipline she needs, getting her
enrolled into high school and insisting on her education and studies. Veronica seeing the move as
a power play – unable to provide any input into the decision — rebels against her mom and aunt’s
mandates of control, refuses to go to school, finds a neighborhood boyfriend and continues down
the road to self destruction.
Things seem to be looking up for Veronica when she begins her freshman year of college in
1998 and secures a position with BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT. Shortly after she’s fired,
her mom tells her that she is no longer able to continue to pay for college due to the financial
hardships she’s having and Veronica is forced to terminate her studies early. This incident acts
as another trigger for lack of control – exactly mirroring what she felt when her father died.
Veronica returns to Maryland to live with her mom, falling into the role of helpmate to her. Her
mom urges her to start looking for a job, working and taking some accountability for her life but
still resentful, Veronica resists, hopping from job to job and enters into a destructive relationship
with a considerably OLDER MAN. Ironically, the relationship produces an unexpected blessing
that helps Veronica begin to put her life into perspective.
Nearly ten years later, Veronica re-enters college to finish her Bachelor’s degree and before
graduating travels to Europe – a crucial point in her turnaround. She develops independence,
confidence, establishes healthy relationships and boundaries, and makes significant strides
in shedding the “scripts” from her past. At this point, much of it is due to MS. MARIAN —
Veronica’s Spanish mom — who fills the role of mom in a lot of ways her own mom was unable
to do. Veronica’s last conversation with Ms. Marian, and a reflection of her time spent in Europe
plants an inspirational seed that forges Veronica’s interest in wanting to become a Spanish voiceover
artist. Veronica returns to Maryland, graduates, and with degree in hand, assumes she’ll
find a lucrative job. She secures a position as a Bilingual Assistant Manager with A LOCAL
COMPANY but is fired after three weeks. As a result of the incident, Veronica battles back and
forth between despondency and prayer but still struggles with feelings of loss of control and low
self-worth; viewing herself as a flawed person because of it. Veronica doesn’t want to fall back
Copyright © 2011-2012. Veronica Young. All Rights Reserved.
into her old roles and her response is now one of determination not to live with the dependencies
of her past. She receives an “inspirational nudge” that calls her to pursue a career as a Spanish
voice-over artist in New York. Renewed by an overreaching spirit of confidence stemming from
her decision to move on her last $11.21, Veronica also sets out to begin work on her book.
Veronica reunites with her aunt, with whom Veronica plans to stay. Danielle is also there, just
having finished her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and reestablishes the lost
bond with them both. But time has changed everyone. Danielle moves out of the house due to
a severed relationship with her aunt, warning Veronica of her aunt’s brusk behavior, finds out
she’s pregnant and returns to Maryland. Veronica not wanting to a burden to her aunt, starts her
job search and in two weeks lands a job with a BROWNIE MANUFACTURING COMPANY.
Staying with her aunt makes for a hostile living environment due to her aunt dealing with a
cheating husband, a looming divorce, the death of a close friend, a job that’s trying to force her
out and issues of identity. Her aunt unable to just tell Veronica that she needs her space to grieve,
uses verbal attacks to force Veronica out of the house to find her own way.
On top of an overbearing aunt, Veronica is also dealing with the brownie manufacturing
company, who operates as a social enterprise, to whom she was initially drawn because of the
company’s concern for transitioning individuals. But issues of bullying, embezzlement, and
hidden agendas soon arise and Veronica begins to see the company’s mission not congruent with
their behavior. Feeling a resentment towards having the same educational background but being
paid less than and employed in a lesser capacity to her managers, she feels taken advantage of,
resenting their abuse of authority and control. Veronica associates it with her being black but
also subconsciously likens it to the situation with her aunt and mom. Veronica is now dealing
with issues of prejudices. She develops a sensitivity towards her plight and those of other
MINORITY EMPLOYEES, all of whom are dealing with similar situations, and develops a
stronger urgency to formulate an exit plan.
Veronica moves out of her aunt’s house and finds refuge with MS. CLARKE, whom she comes
into contact with through Craigslist. Veronica, now fully self aware is adamant about no longer
playing the role of victim and is resolved to use the housing arrangement as a springboard to her
complete independence. She also recognizes Ms. Clarke’s agendas and her issues with loneliness.
Veronica refuses to be forced into the role of codependent because Ms. Clarke’s daughter is away
at law school. Veronica solidifies her plan for independence and desire for entrepreneurship.
During her stay, Veronica comes into contact with KRISTIN – an old friend from her school
days who resurfaces and DEBBIE – one of Ms. Clarke’s renters — both Caucasian who have
been strategically placed in Veronica’s life to help her overcome her prejudices and work through
her spiritual and emotional growth. She also meets JASMINE – a model and photographer who
helps Veronica deal with her self-image and self-esteem.
The book wraps with Veronica moving into the YWCA and it is here, where she is able to derive
a complete sense of confidence and control – something that she’s never experienced before –
– and where she is finally able to reconcile the way she sees herself with her past. DENISE, a
Caucasian woman, is the last person to come into Veronica’s life and is presented to her as a
mirror image of herself. At this point, Veronica has found herself placed in a “desert” situation –
family, friends and associates have all been stripped away from her and she is forced to look at
Copyright © 2011-2012. Veronica Young. All Rights Reserved.
herself through new eyes.
Copyright © 2011-2012. Veronica Young. All Rights Reserved.

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