Review of Michael Baisden’s Do Men Know What They Want

Baisden bookSynopsis:

The second edition of the Never Satisfied Series, Do Men Know What They Want is a collection of interviews conducted by Best Selling Author and Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality, Michael Baisden, about how men feel about sex, relationships, and monogamy…


AAMBC gives it **** Stars

Updated in 2011, this book by radio host and author Michael Baisden isn’t new on the scene, but when I discovered that I could borrow it for free through Amazon Prime, I decided to satisfy my curiosity. Knowing nothing about the book except the title, I downloaded it and gave it a read. The opening page says that the book is a work of fiction.  I can only assume this is to protect the not so innocent, but what I found was an honest examination of relationships that some women may need to hear.

Baisden presents the stories of many men who have “gotten caught in the game”. Some of the stories are funny, some will make you shake your head, and some might be familiar to you.  There is no deep psychology to interpret. From the 1st chapter Baisden makes it clear that “a man is only as faithful as his options” and that women will only get what they’re willing to accept.

I liked the book for its straight forward approach, but I became bored with the continuous stories of cheating men. I feel that the title of the book should be “Why Men Cheat”. If you are looking for any other insight about men, this is not the book to read. However, I do recommend this as a quick read for those who want to know more about infidelity.


Stephanie Kemp

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