Review: IF MEMORY SERVES by Vanessa Davis Griggs

20130604_221158Scandalous secrets, impossible choices, and supreme tests of faith combine in this thrilling new novel from bestselling author Vanessa Davis Griggs.Memory Patterson has been hiding from her family for much too long. Her instinct has always been to run, and never more so than when a chance meeting with Pastor Landris and his pregnant wife, Johnnie Mae, leads to a shocking revelation as Johnnie Mae discloses the truth about Memory’s mother.Told her daughter had died at birth, ninety-year-old Sarah Fleming has spent the past three-and-a-half years searching for Memory. Sarah has been warned repeatedly by Memory’s daughter and granddaughter not to trust the ever-conning Memory no matter how much she may claim she has changed.Just as Memory attempts to convince everyone that she truly is saved now, the faithful woman responsible for reuniting her with her past finds herself suffering with troubles of her own. When Johnnie Mae experiences complications with her pregnancy, Pastor Landris learns he may have to make an impossible choice–one that will amount to true spiritual warfare. Meanwhile, Johnnie Mae’s friend, Charity, finally comes face to face with the painful truth and damaging secret of her own past.For all those involved, secrets have done nothing but tear them apart and destroy their families. And–for Memory and Charity especially–only hope and the power of faith can mend these shattered, fractured lives. . .



I once was lost, but now I’m found. This is so much more than just lyrics to a song that we sing about God’s amazing Grace. This too can be applied to people returning home just like the prodigal son who chose to demand what he thought was rightfully his and go live his life the best way he knew how. Such is true when we are granted access into the life of Memory Patterson who in the previous book Strongholds was introduced to us as Elaine. Memory, a woman who is actually 70 years young has been on the run ever since she decided that “getting over” on people even those closest to her would be her claim to fame. Claim to fame is a little farfetched, but in her mind and way of seeing things, she knows that she has done wrong and sees absolutely no point in sticking around for the aftermath.

But for Memory, as fate would have it and as the saying goes; “you can only do wrong for so long before it catches up with you.” The trail of wrong that Memory has left has now run out. With someone hot on her trail, and her good fortune of a good Christian woman has lost her will to be a Good Samaritan, where else would Memory turn to but none other than to the church that Memory realized that she needed to stop running and lay down her burdens. Little does she know though, her First Lady, Johnnie Mae (Taylor) Landris knows more about Memory before Memory can begin to weave a web that never ends. And has plenty in store for her.

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