Renee:All Hail The Queen by Brandie Davis

AAMBC gives ***** 5 Stars

Renee is an intelligent and business minded drug lord. Her team and business affairs are tight knit, but this closeness is something that she never saw as a liability.

While reading this story I found myself turning pages and even going back over what I read because of the ways that the characters in the book were related. This was a classic case of 6 degrees of separation, since several of her enemies were connected to the people who were closest to her without anyone being aware.

What was surprising about Renee – All Hail The Queen, was the fact that story was more focused on the emotional parts of the characters. These emotions included the love that she had for her deceased father, her hatred towards her mother and step father, her close but distant love for man Julian who was 2nd in command of her organization, the love that she had for her sister and the hate that the same sister had for her, the perverted love that her step father had for her, the hostility she had for an illegitimate sibling that she found about and also the love that one of her security had for her.

All of this love and hatred was the cause of to many deaths of people who were close to her, to enemies from her past and even to the sister that she love so much. I was also reason enough to hand over her throne to the illegitimate sister that she despised.

There are many areas of the book that will keep a reader entertained and on the edge of their seat and I recommend that they read this book very carefully to make sure that no details are missed.

Emmanuel Brown
AAMBC Reviewer

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