Reminiscing: A Contemporary Romance by Tierra Cox

In this raw, emotional, and beautiful debut, Tierra Cox brings readers a quaint bwam, contemporary romance about love and fame, and how at the base of it all, we’re simply humans looking for a special connection with another soul.


KyuBeom Yoon is known as the ice prince of the renowned K-pop group, C4. All he wanted was to get away from it all—the lights, the cameras, and the fame that comes with being an idol. And all he wants is Maya Campoy. With Maya, he gets the chance to feel normal, to be loved, to be happy… 


Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Years later, he finds himself on a radio show reliving a tale of love and heartbreak, wondering if, at the end of it all, she’ll give him another chance.



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KyuBeom listened to the host talk nonchalantly after that. The show was winding up for the night, and he let the thoughts of her drift in and out of his head as he listened to callers and took questions. He’d known this would pop up, some women telling him of their love and asking if he could fall in love again. Others complained he had gone to America and found love. “What was wrong with Korea?”


At the end, he stood up and thanked the MC for his time. 


The older man smiled at him. “I’m really interested in hearing this. My whole show is based around lost love, love newly found, and missed connections. Your story sounds like all three! Same time tomorrow? Should I call your manager?”


KyuBeom shook his head. “I mostly do my own thing now. I’ll be here.” 


He exited the building, pulling his coat once more around his neck. The car was here this time, and he walked the short distance to the door as ice crystals stung his cheeks. She would have loved this. She liked snow. 


He placed his hand on the door handle and heard her soft laugh in his ear.


Tierra Cox is a poet and a writer who has been writing for public audiences for the past three years on her blog on Tumblr. She crafts tales with elements of fantasy and the paranormal and mixes in multicultural love. Tierra is fueled by the idea of blending the two, specifically for black women and POCs. With an educational background in creative writing, she will be graduating this fall with a Bachelors in English Literature. When she isn’t writing, and that isn’t often, she can be found in her Texas home catching up on new Sci-fi movies.








Get to Know the Author:


When did you start writing? 

I wrote my first story when I was eleven years old. It was about a girl who was sent to her people’s goddess in an attempt to save their village. The story ends with the goddess becoming her mother and the destruction of her town. I was quite proud of it and have since revamped it from my eleven-year-old storytelling self. 


What inspires you to write?

A need to tell a story I have not heard before. There’s nothing more difficult. I read and watch a lot of fantasy and paranormal fiction, and there’s a plethora of characters and themes to work with. I want to tell a great story that immerses someone in a different world. I would say that and because my grandfather told me writing was my gift. “Not everyone can weave a great tale,” he would say to me.


What inspired you to write, Reminiscing?

You always hear stories about a man falling in love with a woman, and it’s his family who never accepts her because she’s poor or uneducated. Sometimes, it’s simply because she’s black!  I thought, “Okay, but what if she’s black and it’s her family who doesn’t want him around?” Now let’s make this interesting and add a K-pop twist!


Who are your favorite writers/poets?

Authors: Anne Rice, Barbara Kingsolver, Beatrix Potter, Octavia Butler, and Toni Morrison. My favorite poets are Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and Robert Frost.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My grandfather and my sisters. My Pop-pop died about five years ago, but his influence is still heavily around me. I write because he believed in me. He sealed my love of literature, and I know that from where he is, he’s very proud of me. 

My sisters are my best friends—I have three younger sisters who are a constant source of inspiration. I can have an idea, pitch it to them, and they’ll hype me up, give me advice and keep me on it until it’s done. My sister, TaBryn, was heavily involved with Reminiscing


Why do you write, or prefer to write, paranormal/fantasy literature?

I hardly ever see black women as protagonists and love interests in this genre. They have been sidekicks and antagonists, but hardly ever the one running the show. On a personal level, I love everything that has to do with the metaphysical. I’m heavily involved in that arena. There are so many things to talk about—energy levels, moon phases, candle magick. Many of these aspects are actually integral parts of African-American culture. If you look back at our history, no matter where you stand with religion, you know someone who is a root worker, who does a little hoodoo. I think the fun aspect is combining all these truths with just a little, What if?


Where do you see yourself going with your writing? What upcoming works should we be looking forward to?

A Netflix special (lol). Really, that’s all I want. I don’t care if I never get a huge following and my name isn’t known in households. I would be just as happy to have a small, cult following. I can be a Donnie Darko type of writer instead of Twilight massive. As long as there are people who are excited to have my latest thing, I’ll be happy to pump out my many, many ideas. What I’m most excited about is this Faustian pact, Christian mythology novel I’m working with. It’s called He Calls Himself Veles and sometimes it gives me Anne Rice vibes, so I hope it’s as good as I think it is.


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