Rebel's Domain by Fabiola Joseph

rebelScarlett is only fifteen years old when her crack-addicted father pulls her into the underworld in order to provide for her mother, “The Queen”, and her twelve-year-old sister, Savannah. Teaching Scarlett everything he feels she needs to know in order to be the best at what they do, her father has mixed emotions when he realizes that his training has bred a cold-blooded killer.

When the peril of their “job” catches up to them, unforeseen consequences turn their world upside-down. Even Scarlett and Savannah find themselves at odds when it becomes clear that Savannah has learned the tricks of the trade secondhand. by spying and eavesdropping, and is no longer willing to live in Scarlett’s shadow.

Now both sisters are on a destructive path and each wind up in situations that may lead to their inevitable demise.

Fabiola Joseph is undoubtedly making a name for herself as she continues to spin creative tales in imaginative ways. “Rebel’s Domain” is filled with enough gore, sex, revenge, betrayal and plot twists to keep you turning the pages until the bitter end. Her subplot is leading towards the spinoff, “Pretty Little Killers”, and the final chapter lets us know that there is definitely a lot more to come in “Rebel’s Domain 2”.

One thing is for sure, Fabiola Joseph has certainly found a fan in me. I can’t wait to read what’s coming next.

5 *****

Michelle Cuttino
AAMBC Reviewer

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