Rape & Killing: Stories From A Strange Mind by. Russell A. Mebane

Mr. Mebane is an Army brat that was born and mostly raised in the Carolinas.  He attended Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee, where he received a B.A. in biology.  While in school, and for some time after, he worked odd jobs doing office work and some manual labor in an attempt to find his path in life.  Eventually, he decided to become a science teacher.  In 2005, Mebane met his future wife, and they were married the next year.  He currently lives in Jacksonville, with his wife and daughter.

Writing has always been a hobby for Mr. Mebane.  He wrote his first story, “Nat the Note Elf” while still in elementary school.  Later, in high school, he would earn a ‘D’ in his creative writing class because the teacher would not accept his work due to the graphic violence and sexuality of it.  Mr. Mebane became more passionate about writing in college as a medium to express his frustrations.  Eventually, the recession that began in 2006 pushed him to publish his first book, “Rape & Killing: Stories from a Strange Mind”.

Get to Know Rape: 

1. Who was your role model growing up?

Two people: my father and Darth Vader.  My father taught me patience and responsibility, but I’ve always wanted to be like Darth Vader.

2. What is your goal as a writer?

My goal as a writer is to be significant.  Fifty years from now, I want someone to look back at one of my books and say, “This was the beginning of something big”.

3. Why are you a Christian?

Well, first off, because I’ve found that Jesus Christ takes care of me.  Secondly, Christianity is the religion that allows me to eat the most food.

4. Why did you name your first book “Rape & Killing”?

At first, I thought it was a provocative title that would generate interest in my stories.  After writing the lessons of my book, however, the title alluded to the Bible as a book filled with sex and violence with underlying moral lessons.

5. Why do your stories have sex & violence in them?

Well, your average story is about conflict and conflict resolution.  Contrary to popular opinion, people solve most of their conflicts with violence.  Some choose to allow violence to be done to them, while others choose to be aggressively violent.  Either way, the conflict is resolved with violence.  Thus a story that truly relates to the human condition must have violence in it.  Otherwise, it’s unbelievable.

As far as sex is concerned, I don’t think my stories are very sexual.  There is sex in a couple of them, but it’s rarely my main focus.  I see sex as a natural part of life, and, thus, a natural part of literature.

6. In one of your stories, a man is choked to death when his pet animal defecates in his mouth.  Is this what you consider a natural part of life?

No.  As an author I do have to think of interesting scenarios for natural phenomena, such as violence.  We live in a violent world, but not everyone gets choked to death by their pet’s fecal matter.

7. Do you plan to continue writing more stories?

Yes.  For the moment, I plan to write 2 more books after “Rape & Killing”.  After that, we’ll see what happens.


The Painter

“What a nutjob.”
“Shh…she might hear you,” scolds Officer Sconds.  His comrade, Officer Blake, needs some lessons in tact.

I don’t care if she hears me,” says Blake, “You’ve gotta be a real nutjob to do this for a living.”

The painter doesn’t heed the conversation persisting less than ten feet behind her.  She is lost in her art.  Her canvas is a sedated death row inmate, a burly man of about forty-three years of age.  She can feel the story of his troubled life with each stroke of her brush.  The minute variations in his skin tone and texture instruct her in their proper palate.  His chest cries out for crimson with curvaceous yellow lines.  She covers his shoulders in small ornate circles, each one as unique and individual as the days of his life.

The prisoner lays sleeping on his slanted, iron deathbed as the painter listens to his untold woes and dictates his unconscious passions on his cool, dry skin.  She does not paint the prisoner.  She merely brings out the picture beneath the skin.  The inmate’s entire body is her easel.  Her brush is bounded only by the neckline and the immediately inaccessible parts.  She would not want to risk his escape by loosening his restraints and his face serves another purpose in this medium.

“She sure is takin’ a long time.  Are we gonna have to sedate this guy again?”

“It’s okay, Blake,” says Sconds, “We’ll do what we have to.  Don’t worry.  It’s Orca Simone.  She knows what she’s doing.”

Cretins, she thinks.  This is important, to her at least.  No gauche, quick-drying spray paint will sully this work.  She uses oil-base only.  The colors are richer with deeper skin absorption.  Every person has the right to be beautiful as they pass from this world, even the condemned.

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