Peaches and Cream by Cherie Johnson

Peaches and Cream is about Peaches a little girl from Duquesne, PA. Who is wise beyond her years? She has big dreams and realizes early on that the choices she makes can change her world and her families. She doesn’t comprehend the words “No” and “You can’t.” She is what some might call an over achieve. Cash rules everything around her but where she over achieve in momentary things she lacks in understanding of human emotions due to a family secret that haunted her from childhood. She’s got the money, the cars, clothes and she is successful. Peaches don’t like labels and refuses to define her sexuality by labeling herself to make others comfortable and she doesn’t care how anyone feels about it or her. While in the mist of struggling to better herself by all means necessary life’s obstacle’s would not get the best of her she would get the best of any and everyone who stood in the way of her goals. Peaches had a point to prove to the most important person in her life and that was herself.  She was going to get to the top and stay at the top. Her ego forces her to make decisions that will haunt her forever


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