My Pastor, My Friend, My Lover by A. Micheaux

mypastorcoverAngel is a good church girl who is waiting for the right man to sweep her off her feet. Darwin is her best friend and neither wants to admit they have loved each other since high school. Pastor Raymond is the attractive and charismatic leader of Faithful Worshiper’s Church of Christ, and attracts every female church member’s attention.
After a family tragedy, Angel turns to the pastor for grief counseling. Their counseling sessions erupt into an affair that sends her life spiraling out of control. As she tries to keep this affair a secret from Darwin and the rest of the world, she learns the pastor is not as sacred as she thought. She is led down a path of destruction and righteousness as she attempts to reclaim her life.

Excerpt- I tried to stop my body from shaking as I felt both desire and guilt, but I forced the guilty feeling from my mind and let desire take its place. He studied me and raised his eyebrow in a way that indicated he awaited my move to give him permission.
I knew this is where I should have gotten my purse and left, but my body wouldn’t respond to my mind and instead, I leaned toward him. I felt his lips on mine and I closed my eyes to take in the beauty of the kiss. Then, he swept me into his arms, carried me toward the bed, and led me into sin.

 A. Micheaux began writing books and poems while in high school. A former software support engineer, she wanted to pursue her first love—writing. She attained a B.A. in journalism and a M.A. in technical communication.
While enrolled in a playwriting course, she penned her first novel, Someone to Restore Me, as a one-act play to allow students in the Fine Arts Program to perform it during a live reading and it received positive response. In addition to writing, she spends her free time perfecting family recipes and learning 3d animation software.
Get to know the author:
1.   Is this your first novel? No, I have another novel titled, Someone to Restore Me. It’s a story of an abused wife who flees with her two children and finds herself homeless. Her road to freedom leads her to Darren, who helps her to trust and love again.
2.   What was the inspiration for My Pastor, My Friend, My Lover? Unfortunately, I know several women who fell into affairs with married pastors and the effects were devastating. I wanted to write the story in a way that showed not only the vulnerability of the character and how innocently an affair can start, but also the effects of the affair.
3.   Is there anything you found particularly challenging in writing this story?
I have a large “church” audience and it was challenging to write this story in a way that showed the passion, but also ensuring that it didn’t offend my audience. Based on feedback, I believe I achieved my goal.
4.   What is the main character like? Angel is a woman who endures a family tragedy and she feels hurt and lonely. She sees her pastor as a protector and someone who can help her heal. Her intentions were not to fall into an affair, but her vulnerability clouded her vision. Everyone who has been hurt or felt lonely can relate to her.
5.   What are your expectations for your writing? I receive e-mails from women who say my stories inspire them, so I want to continue to write stories that inspire people and relate to real life.
6.   What are your current projects? I have several projects in development. One, due to release Christmas 2013, is a story about a girl whose Christmas gift is a talking dog that grants her wish to be born to another family. Another is a story about a married woman who has an affair with a former lover, who returns to her hometown, and becomes a fatal attraction. And, there are more to follow those.
7.   What did you learn while writing this story? When I write, I connect with the characters as if I’m in the story. I learned not to allow your emotions to control your actions. I also learned not to trust what is told to you, but trust what you know to be true in order to protect your heart.
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