Partially Broken Never Destroyed by Nataisha T. Hill

newcover2018 copysmallKayla feels that a man named, Jeremy is the man of her dreams. He winds and dines her as well as buys her anything she wants. Further into the relationship, Kayla discovers that Jeremy is not the enduring man she thought he was. Jeremy is very controlling and abusive. Kayla decides to try to get Jeremy back in line, but Jeremy ends up having a few tricks up his sleeve. Once Kayla realizes that Jeremy is a liar and deceiver, she confides in Jeremy’s roommate and things get out of control. Kayla then attempts to leave, but Jeremy doesn’t want Kayla out of his life.


Attempting to move on from the relationship with Jeremy, Kayla decides to discover the night-life by going out with co-workers and her best friend Brandy. Kayla then meets someone who she finds intriguing named, Richard at one of the parties they attend. Richard turns out to be a hassle more than a help. She cannot seem to get him to act right either, so Kayla rebels against him as well. After putting up with his faults, Kayla begins spinning out of control into deception of her own. Kayla eventually leaves him and decides to get out of town with unresolved issues. However, before leaving, she gets involved with a man that she falls in love with named, Michael. Michael is a charmer who literally sweeps Kayla off of her feet.


Against her beliefs, Kayla attempts to work out a long distance relationship with Michael. She moves out of town with a co-worker while attending school at a University. Things were going okay until Kayla notices jealousy issues with the roommate who becomes a never-ending nightmare. She tries to move on in her life without drama, but trouble seems to follow her even at her successes. Kayla is carrying a huge secret that haunts her and she knows she will have to deal with it at some point. Her life is in danger as she continues to associate herself with people who carry demons. In a crazy twist, she ends up discovering she has her own demons. Kayla’s unresolved issues lead to part II “Partially Broken Never Destroyed 2”.


Nataisha-T-Hillt hillAfter graduating high school, Nataisha T. Hill attended JohnCasablancas Modeling and Career Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She earned her certification as a select model and then joined Model Talent Management as an amateur model under Gina Vickery. After entertaining a short modeling career, Hill graduated from Middle Tennessee State Universit majoring in Mass Communication and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Hill also began to pursue a career in writing, initially writing articles for various websites. She published her first novel, Partially Broken Never Destroyed, in 2012.

In addition to writing, Nataisha constantly finds herself researching innovative ways to manage her health, hair, skin, nails, weight, and anything that has to do with her physically. She writes reviews about products that work for her and those that flop.


Get to know Nataisha:


What inspired you to write these books?

There are women that I personally know who have or have known someone to go through similar situations such as Kayla, the main character. There also are women out in the world who are actually in the process of going through one or more of these situations, so it was part of the objective to let them know they’re not alone and all situations can be overcame.


Is this story about you?
I feel that this story is based on all women in some shape, form, or fashion. Most of us want to be loved and appreciated as well as have a healthy and stable relationship. Also, most of us have been hurt at some point in our lives. Then, there’s the fact that we all have thought or done spiteful things as well as have those little secrets.


What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

My greatest joy is when readers tell me they have read my books in less than 3 days and some, less than a day. That is a true joy to me.


What’s the story behind your latest book?

My latest book is a follow up to the previous. Just as life goes on, so does situations, trials, tribulations, joy, pain, happiness, and all aspects of life. Overall, I hope my readers will take something from my books rather its pure entertainment or even if it is a (what not to do) situation.


What are you working on next?

I will be working on Part IV of the “Partially Broken Never Destroyed ” series in addition to a children’s book.



What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Knowing that God is on my side to help me provide for my beautiful daughters.


What do you want women as well as men to get from this book?

For one thing, I want women to find better avenues to deal with their problems as opposed to the way Kayla, handled them. Secondly, I will stress the fact that you should never make a bad situation even worse, but overall, I want women to know that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. As far as men, I would simply say to treat your woman the way you want to be treated.




It was Saturday afternoon in the middle of May and the weather was perfect for an outside barbeque. Kayla was sitting on Jeremy’s couch in a white tank top, some blue jean shorts that were high thigh length, and her legs were propped against her chest. This was one of many nights she spent at Jeremy’s place. He had a roommate-style apartment with his childhood friend, Travis. Travis was about 5’7; a little short for her taste, but he had a stout muscular build and golden brown skin with hazel eyes and a clean baby face. He was more of a laid back prep type person who kept most of his opinions to himself. She always thought the mystery in him was attractive and very intriguing. What bothered her about Travis the most was she had never seen him with a woman over to the apartment, or period.

“What do you guys have planned today?” Travis asked as he tried to sway his attention from his fixation on her legs.

“I don’t know, Jeremy, was talking about a barbeque a minute ago, what you have on it?” she said in a joking tone, trying not to make it so obvious that she noticed him checking her out. He slumped on the lazy boy chair and briefly searched for the remote that was on the end table.

“I got five cents on it.”

She started laughing and said, “Oh, I guess you just want one barbeque potato chip then, huh?”

They both were laughing at the silliness of the thought and in walked Jeremy from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and stern look on his face. He was looking sexy and she was just about ready to continue the early morning escapade with him.

He walked over near Travis and said, “What’s up dude?” as he sat on the opposite end of the couch away from Kayla. He briefly looked at her and turned his attention back to Travis.

“Dude nothing, are you firing up the grill or what?” Travis asked.

“Nah, I don’t feel like getting dirty again,” he said in a cynical tone as he cut his eyes towards Kayla. She was confused by that statement because she wasn’t sure if he referring to her or just his daily cleanliness in general. She didn’t want to start an argument in front of Travis, so she kept her thoughts to herself. Jeremy and Travis continued their conversation and Travis ended up convincing Jeremy to barbeque by volunteering to go to the store. Travis left the house, so Kayla figured this would be a great time to be sexually spontaneous with her man. She edged over to where Jeremy was sitting. She gently placed her hand on the knot of the towel that was holding it together. Before she knew it, Jeremy pulled back his right hand back and slapped her on the side of her face, pushing her downward to the floor with full force. It seemed as if the echo of the huge “THUMP” echoed from miles around. He stood up over her.

“Whore have you lost your mind, don’t be trying to get freaky with me while you got your legs all up in the air in front of Travis, you’re a stupid woman.”

Kayla did not move because she was totally in shock. Jeremy had never been physically violent with her, so she didn’t know what to do. He continued his verbal assaults, went in the back room, and slammed the door. Kayla lied there still stunned. She didn’t cry right away since it didn’t really hurt her physically, but the thought of him intending to did and that alone made her begin to sob in tears.

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