Overstanding the Power of You by Poppii King

About the Book:

In “Overstanding The Power of You” Poppii King walks us through the power between mind and matter backed by science and declassified CIA records documenting multiple studies on human consciousness, to show just how magical human existence is. Detailing how working with your higher self, and the conscious and subconscious mind together can allow for one to co-create the reality that one desires, Poppii King shines light in a fresh, humorous, and simplified way on the supernatural inner workings of being.

King does a great job providing the knowledge needed to understand “the magic in which we are as beings”, and just how it relates to the magic of the electromagnetic field of the Universe, in which we exist. With such a perspective that it brings about revelation, this is easily a must-read for people of all ages.

Including a 4 week challenge for an improved quality of life, King is set on making it clear that when

you overstand “the power of you”, you take control of your life. No longer living as a victim of your circumstances, but using the power that you are within, to benefit not only your internal environment but also your external world.

An Excerpt from the Book: 

We must first understand that you are NOT the body, but in fact a spiritual being or consciousness, (and when I say “spiritual”, there is no religious belief or meaning attached. I am speaking only to the true definition of the word, meaning “the non-physical part of a person”) Like the mind, consciousness too is a non-physical activity that has been said to exist in the brain. Consciousness though, an emergent phenomenon of the brain, is where all exist.. Like the image of a person which exists on the surface of the retina, though we may perceive them to be in the “external world”, we find that the “external world” does not really exist at all. Much like the cells of the body which are continuously dying off and being replaced, the electrons in which communicate with the neurons to generate our continued life experiences, does not exist as any solid thing, and in the brain, we find no real evidence of a “self”. It is only in the proteins synthesized to store a memory of a moment that once occurred, that the imagined “self” exists. Even memory, not found as any physical part of the brain, but instead, an electrical activity of communication between neurons in many different areas of the brain, is great evidence of the magical being in which you are.

Learn about the Author:

Poppii King is not only the Author of 2X best-selling Novel “Look What You Made Me Do” but she is also a Certified Solution-Focused Life Coach, student of Metaphysics, Visionary, and Entrepreneur.

King, who has described her purpose in life as to “to help others along their journey” since she appeared on the scene with her first published works, has been pretty successful in doing so through the launch of the driving force behind her Life Coaching approach “The Poppii King Xperience” and looks to be continuing with the release of her latest novel “Overstanding The Power Of You.”

Specializing in getting results, King who many describe as a “deliberate Co-Creator” and a “Natural Energy Healer” incorporates Spiritual guidance and her knowledge of the use of focused energy, to assist her clients in reaching their desired goals.

King, having survived a rough childhood herself and then a spiritual awakening in her adult life, has dubbed herself an “innergy Life Coach” as a way to describe how she works with the energy and inner guidance of her clients to bring forth results.

Watching King work and pull revelations from her clients is amusing for sure. Dubbed by “Queen Magazine” as “The new “it girl of the literature world”, King is definitely the one to watch, as she breezes through with a one of a kind writing style and an interesting and seemingly long term effective coaching approach.

Interacting with King in any sort seems to be an authentic high-frequency experience alone. A bright young lady and very humorous in her approach, it is no wonder that people are flocking to work with King. Holding a great passion and pride in her value to add value to others, says a great amount about King in itself.

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