One Sweet Christmas by Beverly Taylor

513A-OpmEBL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Kacie Miller had a disturbing childhood. A very bright and intelligent girl, she attended nursing school at sixteen, then married the man of her dreams at nineteen. She was young, flighty, and too lightweight for real responsibility. It all went to her head—his huge house, the servants, several cars, the never-ending social whirl. She loved it all and somewhere in the excitement, something terribly went wrong.


She had birthed him a daughter, but was told that the child was stillborn. Her feeling of security was suddenly snatched away. Perhaps it was time to accept that he just wasn’t interested in her anymore and to make a clean break from him.


Christopher Miller was a busy man and served on many Boards for various corporations. In particular, he served as Chairman of the Board for the hospital where he met his wife, Kacie. Somewhere along the marriage, Kacie changed. She started going to parties without him and taking a trip with his best friend. Then the arguments came. Christopher began to withdraw from Kacie and started doing a lot of traveling. And when he was home, to avoid arguments, he made sure there were always lots of people around.


Years later, Kacie discovered Christopher had a daughter—the same age as their stillborn child. It seemed like they have been apart forever. Time had not dulled the pain of Christopher’s rejection or the aching pleasure of their remembered passion so long ago.


Kacie barely resembled the girl who years earlier had left her husband. He probably wouldn’t even recognize her, especially with an assumed name. But she had to go to his house to discover if what she suspected was true. So she’d taken the job as live-in companion to his daughter.


When Christopher realizes Kacie is his estranged wife, will he feel deceived and dismantle the relationship altogether? Or will the spirit of Christmas bring joy, peace, and happiness in rekindling what seemed to be a hopeless marriage?

Beverly TaylorAuthor Biography

Beverly Taylor is an avid reader. She is an author under the imprint of Jacquelin Thomas Presents of Brown Girls Publishing. She is a southern bell who loves to read the written word.

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