Now You Wanna Come Back 2

Coming April 2012 from Delphine Publications

Rayshon and Leila are expecting again, but things are short from being perfect. After struggling for two years to keep the doors of Leila’s Books open, she had to let it go and the stress was too much for her to handle. Rayshon, her normal comfort became consumed with work and Devon was free to come to Leila’s rescue. In efforts to console Leila, their relationship becomes too close for comfort and it drives a wedge between Leila and Rayshon’s marriage.  In midst of all the trouble at home, Rayshon questions his trust in Leila and Karen a fling from Rayshon’s past is waiting in the wings to comfort him. Blinded by Karen’s determination to win him over, Rayshon is accused of fathering her unborn child; making it more difficult for him to win Leila back. Will Devon and Leila rekindle their love, and leave Rayshon out in the cold, or will Leila and Rayshon’s marriage survive the drama of Devin, Leila’s ex and Karen, Rayshon’s ex. Both—still trying to come back.

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