Notes From the Coffee Table by William S. Peters, Sr

Notes From the Coffee Table Front Cover“Notes from the Coffee Table” is a collection of inspired poetry and prose that examines relationship when things change. The Writer who is the subject examines the variety of emotions one goes through during these times. The Book was written over a period of 20 days and contains 25 notes in a Prose – Poetic form.



Notes from the Coffee Table appeared at my doorstep of consciousness unexpectantly. Being a Writer / Poet, i pride myself on my listening abilities. I love being observant, hoping to gather some inspiration to continue expressing, not only myself from my experiential perspectives, but in hopes to write something that is more far reaching than the “Me”. I believe Notes from the Coffee Table is just that type of Creative Offering.


Everyone experiences Change. Some changes are prolific and some are subtle. When life calls for us to experience more dramatic changes such as exemplified by way of Relationship, Death and a few other potential Life Altering situations, we become introspective. In Notes from the Coffee Table i was able to tap into my own experiences of having a Life Mate / Wife transition as well as having to go through the ending of other meaningful relationships. Every time i have found myself surrounded with a myriad of Questions, Thoughts and Emotions. Here in Notes from the Coffee Table, i am sharing such introspective, retrospective and circumspective pondering. Most of us either have or will experience this at times in our life.


My objective and intent is but to perhaps touch something in the reader that is common to us all. In that, hopefully someone will be able to take the short cut toward self reconciliation.

Bill Utah SummerBill’s writing career spans a period quickly approaching 50 years. Being first Published in 1972, Bill has since went on to Author 28 additional Volumes of Poetry, Short Stories, etc., expressing his thoughts on matters of the Heart, Spirit, Consciousness and Humanity. His primary focus is that of Love, Peace and Understanding!


Bill is not only a Writer and Poet, he is also the Director of Inner Child Press Publishing Company,  a Public Speaker, Empowerment Work Shop Leader, Consultant, Activist, Radio Personality, Broadcast Media Producer, Spoken Word and Recording Artist and so much more. Bill is the Founding Director of Inner Child Enterprises as well as the Past Director of Publicity for Society Hill Music.  Bill has a Global Reading Audience and Fan Base. He is known for his Humanitarian Work and Activism in many communities in and outside of writing


Bill says . . .

I have always likened Life to that of a Garden. So, for me, Life is simply  about the Seeds we Sow and Nourish. All things we “Think and Do”, will “Be” Cause and eventually manifest itself to being an “Effect” within our own personal  “Existences” and “Experiences” . . . whether it be Fruit, Flowers, Weeds or Barren Landscapes! Bill highly regards the Fruits of his Labor and wishes that everyone would thus go on  to plant “Lovely” Seeds on “Good Ground” in their own Gardens of Life!

Get to know the author:

Q : Why do you write ?

A : I need to. To explain that, what i have found is that writing is truly empowering as well as cathartic. It allows me to get that which resides within me out to the world. Many times the things we hold in, whether it be our thoughts, questions, despair, emotions and any other context of these personal demeanors, can cause me to become inharmonious. So i write.


Q : What do you hope your writing to achieve.

A : Well, i used to say such things like “if i can change the world or touch someone. The truth of the matter is i write for my self. if by any chance there are readers out there who can identify or empathize with what i am saying or sharing, i pray that it is an empowering, enlightening and embracing experience for them.


Q : You primarily write Poetry, Prose and Short Story. Why ?

A: I have found for my self that those forms allows me the greatest soul filled experience that allows me to be whatever i am today, whether it be ambiguous, direct or somewhere in between. Additionally for me those forms allows me to explore my own personal creativity in language and the voices i choose to convey what i am saying, thinking or feeling.


Q : To date, what is your greatest achievement through writing.

A : Well i could say my first published book back in 1972, or any published book of the +30 i have had my name attached  to, but those are personal. For me the greatest reward has been the journey and the personal growth i have experienced and the people i have encountered along the way. This has provided for me many an opportunity to give back in the form of workshops and other means of encouraging others to explore their talents and gifts, especially our children.


Q : How long have you been writing ?

A : Like many writers i hear, especially Poets, i was borne to do this. But seriously, i committed my self to this path back in 1966 at the age of 15, though i had been recording my thoughts way before that time. Yes, my firm commitment came at that time.


Q : What are some of your influences ?

A: Wow . . .  first i must say Psalms, Ecclesiastes and The Song of Solomon, for that is what i was bred on. The language is so beautiful to me still. Going forward i can site, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Hafez, Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets, Angela Davis, Amiri Baraka and many more. You must remember i came up in a time of unrest in the 60’s and 70’s when people were exploring the “status quo” seeking to find me and what was wrong with this picture we call life.


Q : what is on the Horizon for William S. Peters, Sr. aka ‘just bill” ?

A : Empowerment, Creative Expression, Writing and further development of the Power of my Inner Child.

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