Not A Good Look (Fab Life) By Nikki Carter

Not A Good Look (Fab Life)

She’s got mad talent, her own singing group, and honor roll grades. Sunday Tolliver is this close to making her music industry career dreams come true—until her mother spends her entire college fund. Now Sunday’s only chance to get to college means slaving as a “personal assistant” to her diva cousin, Dreya. And since Dreya just got the record deal of a lifetime and an upcoming tour with hip-hop’s biggest rapper, Truth, Sunday is sure Dreya’s ego-trippin’, among other things, couldn’t get worse. But when bad boy Truth starts pushing up on Sunday and her life becomes “Paparazzi Blogs Gone Wild,” a jealous Dreya is on the warpath. Can Sunday make the right moves before her dreams go up in smoke for good?


Sunday and Dreya were in their last year of high school and love to sing. They had a girl group and had dreams of becoming stars. They don’t all have the same idea of what being stars will be or how it may ruin their friendship. Sunday has the voice and the song writing skills, but has long term dreams of being successful. Dreya has the attitude and the man that gets her into the door to start her singing career.
When Dreya sings the hook on her boyfriends Truth’s first single, it opens up the door for her to get a record deal. Although her voice wasn’t as strong as her cousin Sunday’s she had the look that the industry wanted to have in the front of the stage while Sunday carried her as a background singer. Making Sunday Dreya’s assistant to have her on the road putting life into Dreya’s songs the two collide as Dreya’s attitude gets out of control.
Both girls learn a lot in a short time and realize that life is not as simple as they dreamed it would. They fall in love, experience heartbreak and learn that they can’t always have what they dream about. The competition to be better than the other forms a wedge between them and the jealously is off the charts.
This novel was a quick and easy read. I gave it a four instead of a five because it started out slow and took a while to really pick up for me. I will compliment Nikki for her style of writing. She has the ability to entertain teens and adults and I’d recommend this book to young girls. I look forward to reading more of your work. If you are looking for an enjoyable read for yourself or a young adult this is one to be recommended. Great job Nikki!

Anna Black
AAMBC Book Reviewer



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