Neighborhood Of Dreams By Lazreal Lison

That large Hollywood sign that sets high on the California hills, representing a life of
celebrity friends, bright neon lights, and the flashing paparazzi cameras can easily blind a man into forgetting the journey that it took for him to get there. That’s what happens to Morris Wright, a celebrity actor and writer from the historical city of Little Rock, Arkansas. Morris worked extra hard for his tinsel town acclaim to become one of the most soughtafter actors and screenwriters in the business.Somewhere along the way, he forgot where he came from. But, when Angela Pendleton, a passionate young journalist and aspiring book writer, offers to help him pen his memoir, the man is finally forced to remember his
roots. In the process of reflection, we follow a ten-year-old boy and his neighborhood friends and family from the Southwest part of Little Rock, as they navigate their way through elementary, junior, and then high school toward college and adulthood. Each young man finds and hones his individual talent, with Earl as the intellectual, Ron as the football player, and Tim with the singing voice of an angel. But, after a fateful afternoon of tragedy, where one of his good friends is killed in a regrettable and senseless act, Morris’ life changes drastically, sending him through a series of dangerous and reckless choices that he luckily survives and tries to forget… until now, including his memories of a special girl, who refused to give up on him.



LazRael Lison is an award-winning film director & screenwriter, entrepreneur, public speaker, and co-owner of Summer House Pictures. For the past 16 years, Lison has been working in the medium of film, where he has directed and written four feature films, multiple shorts, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. Much of his work can be seen on VOD, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and multiple other platforms. Neighborhood of Dreams is Lison’s debut as an author.



Get To Know To Lazreal Lison:

So, LazRael Lison, you’re originally from Little Rock, Arkansas? I’ve never been there.

Yep. Winchester and Little Rock.

So what was life like growing up in the south? I’m sure it was much different than the life you’re accustom to living now.

Totally. But I’m so appreciative of my southern roots because it’s made me the man I am today. We grew up in a two-bedroom mobile home with about nine people living in it. No lie.

Writing and telling stories has always been my first love. This story has been simmering with me for some time and I wanted to tell it unfiltered. The world of film is all about writing and directing films that will sell to a distributor or Studio, and often times, it is something you are not that passionate about or believe in. However, I find books, specifically this story, refreshing. I told it the way I wanted to tell it. But it also makes you more vulnerable – when you leave it all on the table, you have to live with the outcome of it.

One last thing, I noticed, your character in the book wrote poetry, and I heard you used to do lots of spoken word. Do you still do it? I’ve always loved poetry. I remember being at the University of Arkansas for Football. While practice was going on, I would be sitting on the sideline thinking about doing spoken word that night and making some notes. (laughing)

Wow, now that is hilarious.

Yes, it is, and it is so true.

You want to share one of your pieces with us?

Maybe later. (Smile)

Well thank you for your time and I can’t wait for the world to get a chance to read this beautiful inspiring story. Good luck to you!

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  1. I can’t wait to read this book. I live in S W Little Rock AR a California transplant.. I never knew anyone so influential lived once in my neighborhood. Sounds like such a great read


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