National Best Selling Author Treasure E. Blue Is The New Face Of Cash Money Content

National Best Selling Author Treasure E. Blue Is The New Face Of Cash Money Content



New York NYNational Best Selling Author Treasure E. Blue Is The New Face of Cash Money Content – Only 2 months after self-publishing his 4th novel Harlem Girl Lost 2 – The Beginning he captured the attention of the label. Starting out with an eBook release and reinvesting to print books paid off after walking away a few years ago from a major deal with Random House/One World/Ballantine.


The decision to sign Mr. Blue to Cash Money Content wasn’t difficult due to Blue’s consistent marketing efforts. From online sales, street sales to stores, Treasure has captivated his audiences with heartfelt urban stories that will often leave readers thinking, crying and rooting for his street smart heroines. His uncanny ability of making readers feel as if they were there has won the hearts of many.


The deal consists of the re-release of Harlem Girl Lost 2 entitled Get Em Girls: A Harlem Girl Lost Story (Winter 2012), the conclusion of the Harlem Girl Lost trilogy which has not been titled and 2 anthologies. For Blue this new venture will help position himself into an arena with winners that’ll be able to make a reality of his life’s dream of turning his books into film.


“It’s not only an honor and a privilege to be signed to the future of publishing, Cash Money Content, but to be part of a roster that includes the great Wahida Clark and the dynamic duo Ashley and JaQuavis, I just thank God for such a wonderful opportunity … I’m forever humbled.” says Treasure E. Blue


About The Author


Treasure E. Blue is the Essence Magazine Best Selling Author of Harlem Girl Lost, A Street Girl Named Desire, Keyshia & Clyde and contributor to Flexin & Sexin Volume 2 and Erotic Snapshots Volume 1. A former fire inspector with the New York City Fire Department he currently resides in Harlem NY and is a public speaker that shows today’s youth the dangers of drug addiction and the importance of literacy.


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2 thoughts on “National Best Selling Author Treasure E. Blue Is The New Face Of Cash Money Content”

  1. Mr. Treasure Blue, Your story is truely moving and motivational in itself. People are so

    quick to believe that what they see is actually what they assume to be true from sight

    alone. What I mean by this is: If I were to just have read your books, only to see your

    face without ever knowing “your” story…I never would have guessed or bet you had been

    thru so many ups and downs. Not saying that it was so highly impossible for you not to

    have gone thru those things, but meaning the saying is true when they say ” you can’t judge

    a book by its cover.. You have gone thru the fire ,but you are still standing, and standing

    strong ,with a determined mind to reach as high as possible. The best part about it …You’re

    taking other Authors and youth with you on your journey to ultmate success. I have read

    all your novels and each one was powerful with so much meaning…it could have only

    ones heart to reach out to someone else, hoping that it these stories would send a

    message of hope,determination,& Faith to know that anything is possible and change

    is very much real. After reading this I’m an even BIGGER fan than I was before, if

    thats possible. I too, have a story Treasure and, I thank you for telling it. now I know

    what people saw when they saw me….before I changed. Keep doing what you do

    somebody needs you more than you’ll ever know.

    ~Sandy B. S. ~


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