Morgan Saves For College By Author Tomeka Purcell

 It’s Morgan’s 9th birthday! She is so excited about her trip to Disney Land. Will she finally be tall enough to ride all the rides? Her mind races thinking of all the fun she’s going to have, but Granny has a surprise for her that is going to change everything!

Granny’s surprise brings Morgan great joy, but also presents her with a difficult dilemma. Morgan has to decide how to put Granny’s surprise to good use. In the end, Morgan makes a decision that will help change her future!

Hey Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, and Uncles are you looking for a creative way to introduce the young people in your life to the concept of investing and saving for things that matter rather than purchasing things they don’t need? As the costs associated with higher education continue to rise, pointing young people in the right direction as early as possible is key! Understanding the importance of financial freedom from an early age can help our youth avoid many of the pitfalls their parents fell into. Start the journey with Morgan as she’s introduced to the concepts of saving, earning interest, and more!

As an educator, entrepreneur, and financial coach, Tomeka Lynch
Purcell is the quintessential triple-threat. She specializes in
helping her clients establish financial goals, build wealth, and
change the way they think about money. A nationally recognized
financial empowerment coach, mentor, speaker and strategic
planner with over 15 years of experience, Tomeka trains
individual and collective clients on how to achieve personal and
professional financial goals. Utilizing her extensive background
in financial planning, corporate finance, and real estate, Tomeka
turned her focus to the future generation with her children’s
book, Morgan Saves for College.
Morgan Saves for College is the story of an adorable young girl that
must decide what to do with the money she received for her
birthday. Tomeka tackles the age-old topic of spending versus
saving on a level that is easy for children to understand. Pouring
her passion for financial literacy into a book that will not only
entertain, but also inspire young readers, has opened the door for
multi-generational learning opportunities. Both parents and
children can benefit from Tomeka’s ability to teach complex
financial concepts on a level the whole family can understand.

Get To Know Tomeka Purcell :

What inspired you to write “Morgan Saves for College”?

My inspiration for writing Morgan Saves from College comes from my own struggle as an
adult with money. I realized when I stepped out into the world I was very unequipped for everyday life
and my finances suffered from it for years. I didn't want my children or other children to have to go
down this path. Teach them early about money and they will be so much more responsible when it is
their time to step out into the world.

Did you plan to write children’s books when you decided to become an author?

My desire when I first set out to write a book was most definitely not to reach youth. I
wanted to be the next Danielle Steele, wait did that tell you how old I am?

Was it difficult to simplify the concepts for children?

When I made the transition from adult to children there were so many different things that I
had to pay attention too. One is that I haven't been 9 in years so trying to make sure that I was on the
right track in reaching their desires to want to read my books was definitely different and challenging.

What is the most important lesson for children to learn about money?

The most important lesson for children to learn about money is that they should never allow
it to influence them no matter how much or little they have.

What would you like for parents to know about financial literacy for children?

A: If there was anything I can say to parents that would help them in the journey to financial
literacy for their children it would be to talk with them about money, stay aware of your attitude about
your finances if you are negative when it is time to handle bills then it is almost certain they will pick up
on it and think this is how they are supposed to respond as well. Allow your children to earn what is
given to them instead of giving it away freely and everything dollar that is awarded does not have to go
in their pockets. This is how you can start a savings account for them and have the opportunity to teachthem about interest.

What’s next for Morgan?

The next stage for Morgan is for her readers to watch her grow and learn the importance of
family and finances. We hope they can come on this journey with us.

How can readers connect with you?

We do our best to make it easy for our readers to find us. We are in Barnes and Nobles, Books
A Million and for all of our online shoppers Amazon. We are also in Parks Book Stores local in Charlotte
NC. Morgan Saves for College your children will be happy you purchased it.

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