Mistress No More By Niobia Bryant

In this sizzling and suspenseful novel, Niobia Bryant thrills readers with a bold, sexy story about a mistress who’s ready to reveal all her dirty little secrets…

Jessa Bell shocked the hell out of her three best friends when she announced she was having an affair with one of their husbands–then refused to say which one. She has been reveling in watching her friends self-destruct as they try to figure out which dog of a husband has been getting some on the side.

But now, caught between an ex-lover who won’t let her go and a new lover who’s more than happy to, Jessa’s ready to confront the ladies, reveal the truth, and move on. But soon she’ll find out that revenge isn’t just sweet–it’s dangerous. Because nothing will ever be the same when Jessa Bell decides she is a mistress no more…

AAMBC Reviews 5 Stars *****

Message from a Mistress was a banger when I read it in 2010, but only to be stunned that I wouldn’t discover the big secret was a downer. So when I was able to finally get my hands on part two Mistress No More, I was more than ready to see which husband was carrying on with the mistress. This sequel was definitely a standalone and really you don’t need to read part one. Sometimes the scenes were gut twisting funny, to heart wrenching intense which made this book a page turner from the very first line. All characters are back and in the lives of Aria, Renee, and Jamie they will face some of their own demons. Yes their lives were torn upside down by their former friend, the mistress of one of their husbands, but karma got in the way from their own secrets. One by one each lady comes face to face with their own demons because their former friend Jessa spilled the beans to their husbands about their lies. They thought that the message from a mistress was the worst part that could happen in their lives but when drama bigger then one of their husbands creeping in the sheets with their best friends, starts to unveil each life is dealt a bad hand, and the worst thing about it is there’s no way to undo some of the mess they have created.

In the end you discover the cheating husband, and everyone’s secrets come out to bite them in the ass. This book was one of my favorites by Niobia. This was a funny, intense, sexual, and all around memorable read. In the end you learn that when you point a finger there’s three more coming right back at cha. Go read this book you want be disappointed.

Tamika Newhouse

AAMBC Reviewer

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