Missing Pieces Revealed by Earlene Walker

MP3Connie Johnson life was going well until her mother, Dolores leaves home to find her father. Dolores places her son Samuel in charge but time passes worry sets in. A house fire breaks out causing Connie and her siblings to flee their home. After the tragedy Connie slowly tries to keep it together. before her life goes back to normal. Connie’s mother becomes ill and has to go in the hospital.
Connie’s father appears just to move them to a new location, trying her best to adjust, Connie’s days and nights are mixed with hurt and pain. She wonders who she can turn to for help or if help is ever coming to her rescue.

As Connie matures into adulthood she reveals additional issues she has to overcome from medical complications, loving the wrong man and being a mother. Take a journey with Connie as she expresses what comes after the abuse and violence.


Earlene Walker is a freelance writer and publisher who writes to bring awareness to the treatment of children. She is a wife, mother and works in the capacity that allows her to take care of others. Earlene is the author of Missing Pieces released in May 2015. She resides in Indianapolis, IN with her husband. Missing Pieces Revealed is her second novel and she is currently working on her next book.

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