Mind Your Own Business By Lutishia Lovely

Mind Your Own Business is the second installment in “The Business Series” by Lutishia Lovely. The storyline follows siblings Bianca and Jefferson Livingston as they vie for the same position to head the West Coast expansion of the Taste of Soul restaurant, the family business. Beyond the obvious accolade, they each have personal reasons that are propelling them to fight for the opportunity.


Bianca is engaged to Cooper Riley, Jr., a prestigious lawyer and family friend, but after an affair while studying in Paris, she returns to Atlanta wanting to end the relationship in hopes of finding true love like what she experienced abroad. The expansion will give her a reason to relocate and distance herself from an engagement she no longer desires.


Jefferson has met the perfect woman for him, but coming from a prestigious family he is unsure of how to introduce her as she comes from a different stock and is the mother of two sons by two different men. A chance to move to the west coast would delay the introduction while allowing him to solidify their relationship.


While Bianca and Jefferson are battling their own personal issues, the family as a whole is still in search of a would-be murderer as well as the thief who is not only stealing money from one of the business’ bank accounts, but has also targeted Jefferson’s personal bank account as well.


Lutishia has weaved a very intriguing story that incorporates just the right mix of betrayal, love, lust, treachery and revenge. Her story-telling technique lets you pick up in the middle of the narrative and follow the different characters and their predicaments even if you haven’t read the first installment.


There are many questions left unanswered as well as impending and unresolved situations brewing. I look forward to finding out what’s next for this blend of unforgettable characters.


RATING: 5 Stars


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  1. I enjoyed these 2 books so well and I am really interested in obtaining the remainder of the book series, if there are any more. Please tell me the name of the next ones and if there are no more at the present, will there be anymore of these. Thank you


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