Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account By Charron Monaye


A penny saved is a penny earned.

Officially a published author, Michelle has sold out of her books during the Pen Legacy Book Expo at her school and must now decide what to do with all the money she has earned. Does she spend it on the things she wants or save it as she was taught? Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account unfolds a treasury of ideas that could directly affect your child’s view of the world in which we live. When teaching children about money, there is no one- size-fits-all approach. Yet, this story will be an easy and fun way to start. Introduce your child to a mindful way to value money by joining Michelle on her exciting journey to open a bank account. Teaching responsible money habits like saving and budgeting can help your child mature and grow with confidence. This empowering story is perfect for children who want to dream big and begin their journey of
securing their financial future.


“Here at Pen Legacy Bank, we offer different accounts for children your age,” Ms. Rodriguez said. “I think the Wealthy Kids Savings Account will be best for you. You’ll even get a debit card for your account and a financial coach who will teach you the fundamentals of great money management.”

“Will I receive interest for the money I save?” Michelle asked, looking concerned. “I listen to my mom and dad when they talk about money, and my dad always says my money should make me money.”

With a smile, Ms. Rodriguez replied, “Well, your mom and dad are amazing for discussing matters of money and interest with you.”

Author Bio

When Charron Monaye embarked on her journey to become an entrepreneur and author, she was broke, had no business knowledge, and was so clueless regarding marketing that she couldn’t even sell a pen. The only thing she possessed was a composition book of poetry and a desire to share her story, hoping to sell enough books to provide for her children. She believed having a published book would wipe away her debt and solve her financial troubles, but that myth was soon debunked. Even after finally getting her first book published, she had no business or marketing plan, no clear understanding of her target audience, no selling system, and no team. She was a one-woman show, and without being financially able to hire a coach or build a team, she struggled from 2008 to 2014. She not only suffered physically from the stress, but her lack of knowledge and planning cost her tons of money, time, and freedom as a result of repeated losses and unlearned lessons.

In 2014, she decided to use her savings to invest in herself – hiring a coach, paying for mastermind classes, and studying the strategies of others who were already winning. She went from being broken and broke to building businesses, attracting clients, selling thousands of books, and being recognized in the industry as a literary game-changer. It’s okay to have a desire to tell your story and self-publish by uploading your book, but what’s not okay is failing to plan. If you don’t have a plan, process, or strategy, you will lose money, get in debt, receive no returns from your investment, and have no sales. If you are ready to go from being broke to being a blazing bestseller, then working with Charron Monaye is the answer. Don’t believe us, Charron Monaye is the mastermind and author coach behind the author careers of Ms. Evelyn Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Precious L. Williams, Esq.(13x Pitch Champion), Ty Johnston-Chavis (TV/Film Producer & Pitch Coach)… #AskAboutHer

Author Interview

Q:  First, tell us something about yourself.
Well, I am a woman who wears many hats, but one of the hats I enjoy wearing the most
is writing. I have contributed my pen to the literary industry for over two decades. My
body of work includes over twenty published books in six different genres and five
Amazon Best Sellers. Adding to that, I am the former staff writer for CNN iReport and
Philadelphia Association of Paralegals, a contributing author for 20+ book publications,
the ghostwriter of 12+ books, an award-winning playwright, a blogger, the editor-in-chief
of madisonjaye.com, and a creator/writer of five stage performances.

I am also the founder of Pen Legacy, LLC –– a groundbreaking literary company that
helps individuals share their stories and provides a platform for them to elevate their
voices through book publishing, literary coaching, and the adaptation of books into
scripts. From its inception in 2015, Pen Legacy, LLC has published over 100+ books,
with more than half becoming Amazon Best Sellers. In addition, I am the mastermind
and author coach behind some amazing author careers, such as Ms. Evelyn Braxton
(Braxton Family Values), Precious L. Williams, Esq. (13x Pitch Champion), and Ty
Johnston-Chavis (National TV/Film Producer & Pitch Coach), to name a few. 

When I’m not writing, I am serving as an author coach and book publisher under my
company, Pen Legacy, LLC. Lastly, I am a Philly native who now resides in Tampa,
Florida, and the proud mother of two sons, Christopher (who is currently serving in the
U.S. Army) and Craig.

Q: Congratulations on the success of the Michelle Children’s Book Series! You
are doing big things with this series. Tell us about Michelle!
Yes! This little girl is taking over and is truly in a league of her own! Writing this
children’s book series is different than anything I have written prior. However, creating
the stories is so fulfilling and allows me to be youthful and tap into my inner kid. It’s the
funniest thing, but I totally get into character whenever I am writing one of her
adventures. I start talking like her, writing like her, and just creating personas of a child
so that her character is believable and real. I am honest like kids. I say what kids say. I
truly embody her. So, it reads like a kid wrote the book, and children can relate!

The Adventure of Michelle Children’s Book Series is a great way to connect with
children. I often coin it as the “Dora The Explorer” for black and brown children. Dora
went on adventures in jungles or within nature, whereas Michelle partakes in real-life

experiences. Children are introduced to traveling, learning a foreign language,
entrepreneurship, politics, African American history, and creating good money habits.
Michelle is living life and enjoying the adventures as they come.

Q: Now I know the last time you were here, you spoke to us about your children’s
book, Imagine Life Without African American Inventors. Tell us about your new
book and what inspired it.
Have you seen the economy lately? From inflation to a financial recession looming, we
are truly living in trying times! As a mother, it has always been my custom to include my
children in my financial conversations, no matter how financially challenged or secure
we were. Since the age of eight, my children were taught how to write checks, balance
a budget, and I even added them as authorized users on one of my major credit cards.
As a result of this, they value money and monitor spending. Now don’t get me wrong,
they were allowed to be kids and got most of what they wanted and needed, but they
knew if I told them, “It’s not in the budget,” they had to wait. Spending our way to
homelessness was not a goal we sought. Feel me?!

To this day, my oldest son doesn’t get hype or excited about credit cards and will reject
an offer with the quickness. And it’s not that he is afraid of credit, but with an
understanding of how it works, he doesn’t see credit as having extra money but rather
as a liability. So, having watched me suffer from having a 500-credit score or paying
more because of bad debt, they learned from my mistakes and now know what not to
do. Chile, my oldest son has a savings account, a checking account, and CDs. At times,
he is doing better than me! LOL!

So, while writing Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account, it was my goal to teach
children what I mastered while teaching my children. When teaching children about
money, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Yet, this story will be an easy and fun way
to start. In this book, I find a cool way to encourage children by allowing them to join
Michelle on her exciting journey to open a bank account. Teaching responsible money
habits like investing, saving, and budgeting can help your child mature and grow with
Q: What impact would you like your book to make?
To further encourage the need for financial literacy. With the rise in inflation and the
struggle to survive, it is my hope that we as a people use this experience and lesson to
do better when it comes to money and credit matters. Some may say, “Money is
adulting problems,” and to a point, I agree. However, the habits we bring into “adulting”
are usually the ones we either see or fail to see. If money management were more of a

topic in the home with children, then by the time they reached “adulting,” they would
make better decisions.
So, my biggest hope is that this book will lead to conversations about saving and
investing and encourage parents to bring their child/children to the table on bill day so
they can see how paying bills on time is key to healthy credit. Teaching our children that
saving is essential to a healthy financial future will save them a lot of headaches and

Q: What can readers look forward to from you as an author?
More children’s books, more collaborations, a cartoon or film based on my books, and
just more writing. The Michelle Book Series is on a roll, so why stop now.

Q: What should someone remember when writing?
Always remember the “why” and “who” –– “why your message is needed” and “who
your message is for.” If you remember those points, you will never lose your love of
writing, your desire to write, and the audience you build along the way.

Q: Are there any tips or advice you can provide for someone unsure of publishing
a book or sharing their story? 
Everything about your life –– from what happened to you, for you, through you, and with
you –– is a testimony. Just like we live our lives based on others’ wisdom, stories, and
knowledge, the next generation is depending on us to leave our nuggets, gems, and
light to help them continue their journey through life. God allows us to go through and
get through things so we can share our testimony to bless others. Not sharing is
withholding the good news.
So, if you are unsure about publishing or sharing your story, ask yourself this one
simple question: “Where would I be right now if my family, mentor, teacher, or friend did
not share their wisdom with me?” You are the good news someone needs. Bless them!

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Facebook: Charron Monaye 

IG: @iamcharronmonaye 

Website: www.charronmonaye.com

Email:[email protected]

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