Michael’s Heat Vol. 2 of The Tase Men Series by Angel B.

189413_3709542342789_1136956183_nWhen the right people come together the heat they generate can be enough to fuse their souls together forever.

Kayla Moore had been focusing on nothing but work for the past two years. After the break up with her former co-worker Terrence Long, she didn’t want or need the distraction of a man in her life. But running into the sexy Michael Tase that had filled her dreams during long lonely nights had Kayla wondering if she should run for the hills or throw caution to the wind and find out if cowboys really do ride hard.

Michael was a man of the land and a die-hard cowboy. His days were filled with running The Ranch of Tase during the day, while his nights found him pacing the floor with only one woman on his mind, Kayla Moore. Although Michael was used to getting women with only a flash of his dimpled smile, Kayla was proving to be an unwilling participant and knocked him from his comfort zone.

Will Michael find the right path to lasso Kayla’s heart or will she fall for an old love and always wonder ‘What If?’


Dr. Laura Manchester

Specializing in Behavior Disorder and Mental Instability


I’m cured…


Laura Manchester leaned back in her leather chair with her note pad resting on her stocking clad knee. She watched as her second client for the day stood at the window with his eyes closed letting the sun’s bright rays warm his skin.


He had been visiting her office now for a little over two years. When he first came to her he could hardly sit still and his eyes always seemed sad. That man from the past no longer existed. Today he stood before her as a man re-born. He was confident and ready to move forward with his life. He no longer needed her services. Today he would tell his story to her one last time to complete his final stage of cleansing.


“You can begin whenever you’re ready,” she said in a soft encouraging voice.


“How many times have I told you my story?” he asked staring out at the busy street below. It always amazed him how people could move about in the world never knowing what the person behind them intended to do to them.


“Many times, but I’d like to hear it just once more.”


He inhaled deeply and let it escape from his lungs slowly. “I grew up in a nice home with both parents and a younger brother in a neighborhood where there was no crime and no real entertainment. Both of my parents are doctors and would usually be gone all day at the same time. They trusted me to act responsibly and care for my little brother, and I did. We were good kids, but we were highly intelligent with no friends and we got bored easily.”

190207_200143883350805_3221030_n A long time writer of poems and short stories, Angel is a self-published author with titles Loving Rainy Days and Child Support. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor in Organizational Management, and masters in Business Management. She enjoys writing fiction, romance, and erotica and is always in search of that unique innovative plot.
Angel is a native of New Jersey and loves wielding her characters around the different individuals she meets. She grew up the youngest in a large family of ten that was constantly filled with laughter, and she found herself sometimes adding small scenario’s from her life into her books.
Angel writes because it not only relaxes her, but because she loves hearing and seeing people enjoying her work. She also enjoys reading just about everything she can get her hands on. She feels peace and satisfaction in knowing that somewhere in the world her words have moved someone emotionally.

Get to know Angel B.
1.    Can you tell us a little about you?
I’m from Newark, NJ and have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I write romantic erotica with a little action and suspense thrown in.

2.    What are the names of your other book titles?
My first novel is Loving Rainy Days Vol. 1 of The Tase men Series, Child Support, I Must Be Crazy: Episode 1 in a series of short stories. I also released A Handbook for Self-Publishing.

3.    What inspired you to write your first book?
I was inspired by the books I was reading. I found myself loving how a book left me feeling after I was done, and knew that I wanted to make other people experience the same feelings by reading my work.

4.    Who are some of your favorite authors?
I truly love Brenda Jackson’s novels. After reading a book by her I was hooked. I also enjoy reading books by Treasure Blue, Wahida Clark, and Maureen Smith.

5.    What makes you unique as a writer?
I try to be unique in the way I blend together the romance and love, hinted with a touch of lust and sprinkled with a dash of humor. I also try and paint a vivid picture of the love scenes to give the readers an almost realistic effect. I want them to feel like they were in the room watching instead of reading from a book.

6.    Who designed the covers for your books?
Child Support was designed by Hotbookcovers.com. However, all of my other titles were designed by Dynastyscoverme.com

7.    What are your current projects? Currently I’m working on the next four episodes of I Must Be Crazy short series. I’m also working on another two novels that will be released sometime between February and March.

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