Messy Marvin by Kaye Wright

Messy Marvin Cover ImageWill I make it out alive? That question was my constant companion as I tried to escape my hell.
Marvin can be described as a monster. Many would agree. Hell, most all would agree, but like any other mirage, initially he appears as a perfect package. Loving, thoughtful, kind and generous are all characteristics he displays. Those characteristics, however, disguise his true nature. Controlling and insecure, he takes to physical violence and verbally berating me to keep me in line once he coaxes me into being his girlfriend and moving in with him. Marvin chokes, punches, sexually violates and terrorizes me almost daily as I struggle to keep my identity in tact and find a way to escape before he makes good on his regular threats to kill me. How in the world did I end up here?
Marvin chases me down in his car and tries with all his might to literally run me over. He’s shouting the entire time “I’m gonna kill you bitch!” After this final attempt to take me out, I refused to turn back. I know if I go back this time, I’ll never make it out alive again. Something within drives me and it is ultimately my will, instincts and sheer determination to live which propel me to take the necessary steps in order to escape his physical and emotional grip on my life.
This is my story. It is a true account of a time in my life before I knew who I was. It is a revealing look into what it is really like for the woman being abused in a relationship. Not the down trodden victim of socioeconomics or a broken home, but a regular ‘good girl.’ I found myself trapped by a man who had made it clear that he was capable of snuffing out my life.

Author Kaye Wright photoA rarity, Kaye Wright was born and raised in Central Florida, where she still resides today with her 2 daughters. At the encouragement of a high school creative writing teacher, she began writing in her signature conversational tone. Her teacher commented that her descriptive details were captivating and had drawn him in. After college, children, working as a paralegal and attending law school, Kaye decided to put pen to paper again and she authored her debut novel, Messy Marvin.
Inspired by people’s connection over a similar experience or emotion, Kaye writes to illicit the reader’s feelings. Sometimes raw, but always relatable, her first book, Messy Marvin, is a compelling tale about Kaye’s personal experience in an abusive relationship. After self-publishing Messy Marvin in late 2013, Kaye decided to write full-time and has recently finished her second novel, A Boy; A Baby; and A Bullet, which will be available in July 2014.

Get to know Kaye:

1. Why did you write the book?

I wrote the book because I realized that people didn’t understand what the sufferer of domestic violence looked like or who she truly was. They didn’t know her story. Even my close friends had ideas of who this woman was, where she came from, her character & her lack of inner strength. I discovered through conversations with them that their image was inaccurate, even though they knew what I looked like. I wanted to give that woman an accurate image in the public’s eye.

2. How did you come up with the title?

The title came from the fact that the man who abused me was named Marvin. That’s the simple answer. Growing up there was a commercial with a little boy named Marvin. Everything he touched ended up ruined. The real life Marvin had tried to ruin me. I thought it was fitting.

3. What was the hardest part about writing this book?

The hardest part about writing the book was re-living some of the more violent attack. I hadn’t thought about or talked about those incidents in years. You don’t forget the torment, so that part was difficult because it comes back to you and your senses experience it all over again.

4. What do you want readers to take away from this book?

I want readers to put this book down feeling compassionate toward the sufferers of domestic violence. I want people to get it. I want the reader to understand that this happens to the most unlikely of victims and that it is much deeper, psychologically, than simply walking away. That’s the most important take-away to me.

5. What genre do you think best describes your book?

I don’t know exactly what genre my book best fits into. I intentionally used conversational prose so that I could create a level of relatability and comfort for the reader. At the same time, the book’s tone takes on facets of my personality. It’s told from my perspective; from what I know; from where I grew up; from my experience. Many would label it urban in that regard, but it’s also non-fiction. So maybe urban non-fiction is most accurate.

6. Why are you a writer?

Because I am good at conveying an idea through story. I think I can affect people with words.
7. What are your upcoming projects?
My second book titled A Boy; A Baby; and A Bullet will be out in July of 2014. It’s about the suicide of my daughter’s father. It’s another true story that addresses something we don’t talk much about in our community and I experienced it so I’m able to be a catalyst to that type conversation.

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