The Message Whisperer: In The Situation Room with Titus Broom

AAMBC Titus Broom Cover PicHere’s the situation… Titus Broom went from a drug dealer, to being in a wheelchair, to prison, to a college graduate with a BS in Psychology. He is an inspirational & motivational speaker and the author of his first book, The Things God Whispered To Me. Titus is also an intervention specialist that works daily with improving the lives of youth that are incarcerated as well as youth and families that need to be motivated to establish and reach their goals.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Titus to speak about his debut novel and his determination to encourage, motivate and inspire.

Michelle: Who is Titus Broom?

Titus: Motivational Speaker, Author, Husband, Father, lover of life, and Listener.

Michelle: With such a checkered past, what event(s) made you turn your life around?

Titus: All of the mistakes I made combined came flooding my mind when I was in a jail cell and that is what gave birth to me moving in the direction of the man I’m becoming.

Michelle: Has writing always been your passion, or was it sparked by your rebirth?

Titus: The rebirth sparked the writing.

Michelle: Being dubbed “The Message Whisperer”, what exactly is the message you wish to relay?

Titus: There is no particular message I want to relay, and that is because living life can expose you too much wisdom, so if anything I want to convey the wisdom that I have experienced and am experiencing in life.

Michelle: Your debut novel is titled The Things God Whispered To Me. What is the book about?

Titus: The book is a collection of 23 short stories full of wisdom that is birthed out of the different storms that can occur during life.

Michelle: The book is broken down into 23 stories.  Where did you get the ideas for these stories?

Titus: From things I have lived first hand, or observed in my life.

Michelle: What made these specific stories significant enough to be included in your novel?

Titus: All of the stories are situations that many people I know have experienced, have given up in, or been confused by. The reason, I feel, is due to the lack of paying attention to the wisdom that was present.

Michelle: What has been the overall reaction to The Things God Whispered To Me?

Titus: The overall reaction has been amazing. It has touched and inspired many.

Michelle: What do you hope readers walk away with once they finish the book?

Titus: That there is no situation in life they can experience that God’s wisdom is not present to give them guidance in the midst of it.

Michelle: Being wheelchair bound must make for interesting reactions when conducting speaking engagements. How do audiences receive you once they hear you speak?

Titus: They are always blown away by the information shared, and they look at me as just another person who happens to be sitting down.

Michelle: In reading your bio, I see that your grandfather played a very special role in your upbringing, What legacy has he passed on to you that you hope to impart to your children?

Titus: Don’t fear, don’t exist, but live, and trust God in all things.

Michelle: Being an author, advocate, motivational speaker, husband and father, how do you juggle so much responsibility without one or more suffering?

Titus: It is a hard balancing act honestly, and sometimes some things get dropped. One of the things I’m making sure never get’s dropped is my relationship with God, while I balance my family, speaking life and writing life. But again, it is not easy.

Michelle: What else can we look forward to from Titus Broom?

Titus: YouTube videos made to inspire, a BlogTalkRadio show in 2014, tons of speaking engagements, and another book.

Michelle: When it’s all said and done and you’ve given your last lecture, written your last book and left the literary world behind, what do you want people to remember about Titus Broom?

Titus: It’s simple, he spoke to us and encouraged and motivated us. He loved us, he trusted God, he loved his family, and he died holding not one ounce of wisdom from us.

Michelle: How can readers and fans contact and/or follow you?

Titus: My website is Instagram @authortitusb24. Twitter @TitusBroom and Author Titus Broom on Facebook.


AAMBC Titus Broom PicAbout The Book


The Things God Whispered to Me is a book comprised of 23 chapters that are called whispers. Each Whisper consists of a different situation a person can find themselves in in life. The objective of this book is to encourage, motivate and inspire. My hope as the author is that by the time you get to the last Whisper you are inspired to never be consumed by the noisiness that often occurs in life, but can start paying attention to the whisper that God provides in the midst of the noise.

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