Meet Mr. Wright by Omar Scott

meet mr. wright cover imageWhen notorious gangster Neil Wright got a sudden call late one evening, he never imagined he would be walking into a deadly ambush by a mysterious figure. Clinging to life in intensive care, he meets Sister Simmons. A peculiar nun doing her nightly rounds, praying for the sick and trying to save souls. Through her desperate pleas, she convinces Neil to confess his sins. Figuring he has nothing to lose, Neil decides to confess every dirty little secret. He takes her on a disturbing journey through his tumultuous life filled with murder, forbidden love, and betrayal as he ascends to the top of a criminal empire. But as his confession unfolds, Neil realizes this is no ordinary nun. Is Sister Simmons there to finish the job, or is his true enemy waiting for the right time to strike? Meet Mr. Wright is an intense and captivating narrative with an ending so explosive and clever, you’ll never see it coming.  



In my first year at college, I took philosophy. Not because I was interested in being enlightened, but because my friends told me it was an easy class. My professor, Dr. Graham, was an extremely passionate man. He was always looking for new and innovative ways to stimulate our minds and encourage freethinking. Take for instance, my first mid-term; he had us write our own obituary. It was part of the subject that he had been teaching most of the first semester called, “Forward thinking.” So in typical fashion, I wrote down some generic things I thought would be interesting, I made sure that I used proper grammar and punctuation. When Dr. Graham handed out the graded papers, I expected no less than an A. To my surprise, the grade was a D. Stunned; I waited around until class was over hoping to get some kind of explanation. Upon confronting my professor about my grade, Dr. Graham told me something I would never forget. He said, “What you gave me was a well typed laundry list. This assignment was not about listing your accomplishments; it’s about gaining some insight into who you are as a man, your impact on other people’s lives, and what you contributed to society. Was the world a better place with you in it?”

Ironically, now I sit at my desk years later with the daunting task of writing my own father’s obituary. And while Dr. Graham’s words resonate in my head, the thought of summing up my father’s entire existence in one paragraph seems absurd to me. My father, Neil Wright, was an extremely complicated man, and I couldn’t even begin to sum up his life in a few sentences. My father was feared by many, respected by even more, but truly loved by only a precious few. He was a good man who did many bad things. And before you judge him, I offer you the proverbial pair of shoes so that you can walk a mile in them, to know him like I did. All that I ask is that you open your mind. This is his story



OMAR SCOTT is originally from Los Angeles, Omar’s family moved to Dallas in the late seventies. The oldest of three children, Omar was raised by a single mother after his parents divorced when he was eight. He graduated from Justin F. Kimball High School in Dallas. Has went on to study allied health at El Centro Community College, and creative writing at Mountain View College. He lives in Dallas with his family.

Get to know Omar:

1.Where did the inspiration for this novel come from?
Omar Scott:  
It comes from two things. First, the majority of the stories I read are so predictable. I like stories that challenge me, make me think. That’s why my trademark or writing style is to have an ending with a twist. Something that’s original, that you just don’t see coming. Second, I wanted to show how good people can do bad things and visa versa. That’s why the theme of this book is A dark truth is revealed.

2.What made you want to try your hand at writing?
Omar Scott:  
I had a friend of mines when I growing up that was a good kid. He had both parents, he was a straight a student, and he lived in a nice suburban neighborhood. Somehow he went from that, to hiding under a car when he was twenty, as a couple of guys shot him to death for a drug deal gone bad. I thought that gritty stories, with real people like him, needed to be told.

3.Do you have any favorite authors or books?
Omar Scott:  
Yes, I love anything by Donald Goines such as, WhoresonNever Die Alone, andWhite Man’s Justice, Black Man’s Grief. I like The Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Soldier, He Had It Coming by Camika Spencer, and Fool Stop Trippin’ by Tina McKinney. Addicted by Zane. But my favorite books to read are true crime, like the autobiography of Monster, an LA gang member!

4.What are your goals as a writer?  Do you see yourself doing this long term?
Omar Scott:  
I believe this book is my best work, and with the right exposure it can make the New York Times Best Seller’s list. I want to sell a hundred thousand copies of Meet Mr. Wright. My future goals are to keep writing as long as God let’s me. I’m striving to be the best author there is. I have gone back to college and improved my skills. I have a lot of stories left in my head, all i need is time to write them.

5. If you could change one thing relating to your literary career, what would it be?
Omar Scott:  
I wish I would have taken the time to get more educated about the publishing and editing process before putting out my first book. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way. I guess that the story of my life. LOL

6. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Well, i am originally from Los Angeles, My family moved to Dallas in the late seventies. I’m the oldest of three children, my parents got divorced when I was eight. So I was raised in a single parent home. I got involved with gangs and the street life during my teen years and trying to be a player. After loosing my best friend to a brutal murder, I thought it time turn my life around, get saved. I went to college and studied allied health, and then went back to study literature and creative writing. So thru all my broad experiences, i think i have a very unique voice, that gritty, graphic, raw, and story lines that will blow people’s mind.

7.What has been the best advice you’ve gotten so far from another author in the business? 
Omar Scott:  Trust your own voice. Don’t try to be like other authors.
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