May: I Got One Question ???

vineOk guys, I have a question and this time I need your responses but it really is baffling! What do you think of the millions of video uploads that get dropped on Vine, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. I am amazed when I see something as simple as a bitch slap go viral with 2.1 million views. I’m like really people? Are we that nosey? Okay, I do click on great captions  or this is too cute or so funny but 2 million views? Wow….
There is now a show on television wrapped around youtube crazes. My Question to you… tv tubers, texters and internet junkies.  Is it 5 seconds of fame we are seeking or are we looking to make it in the industry through 5 seconds of fame? What would you do to get recognized?
“Do It For The Vine!”…(SMH) “Nah, I Aint Gonna Do It!”
From 30 second snap chats to a few minutes on fame has been gained and its run hasn’t been as quickly portrayed as the video clips. Yes Folx, it’s the YouTube crazed- mania. These video  softwares and apps have created a buzz and added a new spin on unintended auditions for FAME!
We can all remember the quick video for  from THE VINE. C’mon, you remember, “Do it for The Vine.” (SMH) “Nah, I aint gonna  do it!” This little girl stole the hearts and brought the laughter to social media all around the United States. Hmmm.. According to Article on the web it is world world wide. After this young lady matter of fact stated,  she aint gonna do it others followed suit and it went viral! Ever one from all walks of life and all ages started posting their version of  “Do I for the Vine!” and even though every one remembered who started it her fame was dulled by the viral affect. A few weeks later it was a faint smile when you thought about it because it has been overshadowed by the thousands of renditions. People are mimicking and uploading, “Do It For The Vine” videos from infancy to grandmas strutting their step.
 Then there are the most infamous You Tubes. The most memorable for 2015 is the Black man James Robertson that walked to work everyday was interviewed by the Huff Post and continued coverage by Detroit Free Press. It started out to bring awareness to the many problems with the runnings  of the bus system in Detroit but ended up being recognized by so many, a student wanted to help Mr. Robertson  and  a go-fund me was put up to raise money for him to get a car. Nearly 50k was raised for James Robertson. And what started as a  good hearted person wanting to help the masses brought awareness to a community issue, helped mr. Robertson correct some wrongs in the community and two  car dealers Chevy and Honda offered him a car. So yes… Doing it for the Vine and Doing it for you  the grind  as well as utilizing You Tube to  reach out receive seems to go hand in hand.
So again my question you is What would you do for the Vine?

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