Loving a Boss: I Do it for You by Shavekia Tolvert

After getting away from her abusive ex-husband, Reign Carter leaves New York to start a new life in Atlanta, Ga. Her goal is to get a job and spend time with her sister and get to know her mother, since she was raised by her military father. Her plans are derailed as soon as Keegan Washington takes a seat next to hers on the airplane.
Her sister, Iesha had already given her the run down on Mr. Washington. He is Atlanta’s most sought out bachelor. He loved this life as a ladies’ man and cashed in on it every time he got a chance. He loved the ladies and the ladies loved him. Along with his family, he owns several hotels and apartment complexes, anything he wants he gets.
When he meets Reign she gives him the cold shoulder and Keegan tries to shake her from his mind, but he can’t. Reign makes her mark on his heart and Keegan is not sure what to do to get her to be with him. He is not one for chasing women, he lets them chase him. That statement is truer than Keegan knows. Keegan sexed and left Alana Jefferson five years prior. She never forgot him. She changed her look and is back now to stake claim on the man that she had coined as hers.
The only thing in her way is the fact that Keegan is ready to settle down. And he has his eyes set on Reign. Alana has done too much to get to this point. She did it all for Keegan and she is not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Alana stops at nothing to get her man. Who will Keegan choose in the end?

Excerpt: “Shit!” Keegan swore to himself as he ran down the airport terminal trying to push through the crowd to make it to his concourse and make his flight. He heard the final call for seating and ran at full speed.

“Wow, you barely made it. I was just about to close the doors, Mr. Washington,” the lady at the desk told him. Her name tag read Cecily.
“I am thankful for these track trained legs to carry me the whole way here. I had a long night and overslept.”
Keegan flashed his signature smile. Keegan did indeed have a long night. He met up with his favorite New Yorker, Jazmine, and she left him with a night to remember. They club-hopped, had dinner, and they went back to her place for a nightcap. Jazmine pulled out all the stops. She was an aerobics instructor and she put all of that into use. Keegan loved to hook up with her and had even tried to settle down with her, but she declined. She told him that she didn’t want to live in Atlanta. Keegan didn’t push the issue. He just enjoyed whatever time that he had with her when she would allow him to visit.
Cecily winked her eye and escorted him to his seat. Once on the plane, he stored his carryon bag after he took his laptop and tablet out. He planned on doing a little work during the flight. As he sat, he caught a glimpse of Cecily’s bottom. If he wasn’t in a rush, he would have stayed around to play. Unfortunately for her, he was headed back home from a business trip in New York. He had to interview a new hotel manager for his family-owned hotel, The Washington Towers.
Keegan and his whole family were into property management. His grandfather, Victor Washington, was laid off from his factory after 25 years. He used his 401K insurance and bought an old rundown apartment building. With the help of some contractors and his best friend, Paul, they were able to remodel and open the first Washington Apartment Complex.
During that time, he did the same thing with an abandoned Motel 6 building. Before he knew it, he had an apartment complex and a hotel. He named them both after himself.  Victor was a hard-working man and instilled that into his son, Virgil Washington. Virgil was Keegan’s father. By the time Keegan was born, there were Washington Towers in seven states and 23 cities. Keegan was born with a silver spoon in his hand, but he was raised to work hard for what he wanted in life.
Victor, Virgil, and Keegan could all go for triplets. They were all bright-skinned, tall, and thick-built men. The only thing that set them apart was their ages and the fact that Keegan wore his hair in neat dreads with blonde tips as opposed to his father’s and grandfather’s grayed dreads. In addition to their good looks, they were all smart businessmen and ladies’ men. They loved the ladies and the ladies loved them.
At seventy, Victor married a woman not much older than Keegan. Virgil had been married to Keegan’s mother, Valerie, for 24 years. When he thought that she wasn’t looking, he would tip out every once in awhile. Valerie was no fool. She would catch him every time, curse him out, and threaten to leave and take half like Juanita Jordan. However, she would stay. Keegan, on the other hand, was still looking for love. By the looks of the woman he was seated next to on the plane, he may have found love at first sight.
“Hello. My name is Keegan Washington, how are you?” he introduced himself.
“I am quite aware of who you are.”
Keegan was puzzled. He wasn’t sure if he had smashed her already or not. He mentally scanned her body to see if anything would ring a bell in his mind. She was the type of woman that made his manhood rise, but he definitely couldn’t place her.
“May I ask your name?” He inquired.
“I really would like to have a peaceful flight,” she told him as she inserted her earbuds.
Keegan was not used to getting the cold shoulder from a woman. By now, he expected her to have already given him her number, pulled down her panties, and escorted him to the plane’s bathroom for a quick rendezvous in the sky. Keegan didn’t push the issue but wondered how she knew him and what did she know about him.
He opened his laptop and began to work on key questions to ask his interviewee. While he typed, he stole glances at the woman next to him. Even with her face frowned up, she still was miraculously beautiful. Her body was different shades of brown. Her skin was kissed with milk chocolate, her eyes were a sparkling mahogany, and her hair was dipped in honey.
Keegan could barely focus on his work because he was trying to watch her through his peripheral vision. Whatever she was watching on her phone made her smile. Keegan didn’t know why, but her smile made him smile. He was lost in her appearance and didn’t realize that he was staring until she turned her head and made eye contact with him. Her eyes seemed to pierce through his soul.
“You are just so beautiful. I didn’t mean to stare,” he told her in response to the look she was giving him.
She turned her body towards him. Even though she was fully covered, he admired her style. She dressed modern, yet classy and graceful. “Did you make that line up for me or is that the same line you tell all of your women?”
I definitely smashed, but when? Keegan went back to his work and pondered on his internal question. The plane ride didn’t end a moment too soon. Keegan hopped off of the plane and headed to the hotel, leaving the mystery woman behind. He didn’t check any bags and his car was waiting for him outside.
“Where to, Mr. Washington?” his driver, Brian Thomas, asked.
“To the hotel, I am running behind. I have an interview scheduled for three and it’s already after two.”
“Alright, boss, I got it,” Brian stated after he placed Keegan’s bag in the trunk. “How was your trip?”
“It was good. I think my dad and Pops will be thrilled to know that we will finally have a hotel in New York City.”
“That’s what up, boss! I’m happy for you,” Brian said, smiling as if he had been a part of the deal.
Thanks to Brian, Keegan arrived at the hotel before his interviewee arrived. He rushed to his dedicated room on the 10th floor. It never got rented out because he used it as his own personal space. He quickly washed and freshened his breath. Jelena, his personal stylist, had already come by and laid out his suit and shoes. He dressed quickly, leaving him only five minutes before his interviewee was scheduled to arrive.
Keegan took the elevator that led to the back entrance of his office. He was just about settled in when his sister, Kenya, came in to tell him that the interviewee had arrived.
“Send her in,” he told her while looking over the resume of Reign Carter.
He looked up just as she was walking in. His mouth dropped open. It was the woman from the plane.
Born and raised in Columbus, GA, Shavekia has always loved to read and write. She made the decision to sign with Royalty Publishing House in December of 2016. Ever since then she has been writing none stop only taking a short time out to rebuild her brand.

Shavekia had dropped one Best Seller after another after her breakout series, Nobody is Loyal. Her two most notable series are His Angle and His Street: Holding a Thugs Heart and Loving a Boss: I Do it for You. Shavekia does not see any end to her success in the Urban Literary industry.

Shavekia somehow finds a way to balance her life with her family and as an author. She continues to network and meet new readers, while extending herself to volunteer to help her community. Shavekia is an all around phenomenal hardworking woman.
Get to know Shavekia:
1. What inspired you to be an author? I have always loved to read and write. I am surrounded by so many people who are doing amazing things. I asked myself, what can I do to stand out? I am not a singer, dancer, however, I can tell an amazing story. Being an author is a dream come true.
2. When did you publish your first book? What is the title? My first book was titled Nobody is Loyal, it was published December 27th, 2015.
3. How important is it to build your brand? Building your brand is very important. Your brand is what people use to form an opinion about you and your work.
4. What is the biggest mistake new authors make? I think the biggest mistake is not properly self editing or understanding how important it is to edit your manuscript.
5. Who are some authors that have influenced you? I was a big Zane reader when I was growing up. I also love  and enjoy the works of Mary B. Morrison, Eric Jerome Dickey, Teri Woods, just to name a few. I think I would have to say that Porscha Sterling is currently my biggest influence because she help me jumpstart my career as an author.
6. What advice would you give to an inspiring author? I would tell anyone who wants to write to just do it. Everyone has a story to tell and your story may help someone.
7. Do you write for profit or passion? I write because I am passionate about my craft. However, I do enjoy the profit.
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