Love Don't Walk Away…People Do by Ni'cola Mitchell

0985182148Sunny, a young attractive choreographer, is attempting to make a name in the industry. Upon attending a youth basketball game she has a chance encounter with DeVe, an entertainment manager looking to manage the next star on the horizon. The two women decide to become partners on the way to the top and over time they become friends.

Besides being young and naive in the entertainment industry, Sunny and DeVe have one other thing in common which can be an asset as well as a hindrance. They are both very gorgeous woman in an industry that sees them as nothing more than sex objects to be dismissed when real business is being discussed. During their rise to the top, both women face issues in the industry that seems to be more and more cut throat, so that is what they must become to gain respect. Issues come about as they try to stay consistent in their careers and at the same time hold on to their personal relationships.

From the pen of Ni’cola comes a story of two determined women who must manage their careers alongside their personal lives. During this journey, each woman experiences love and lost, heart-ache and pain, judgments and labels, as they find out that love is not the factor that walks away, people do.


I woke up out of my sleep sitting straight up in the bed. My heart was running a race with my mind reliving the battle that took place only hours before. It felt as if the argument was on repeat in my head. My body felt sore as if I was a contender in a full out brawl, I looked around my room attempting to calm myself, but it didn’t work. The only thing that it did was make me remember the moments that he was once beside me holding me close in this same damn bed.

Even though the argument took place by text message, I could see the venom in the words that came from his fingers searing onto my retinas.  It was like he was in front of me spitting in my face. I felt like I was a cast member in one of those old Spike Lee Joints. You know, when the main character is having an outer body experience, and everything is going on around her. She looks around attempting to respond or fix the situation, but she is stuck in her place, unable to run, jump, shout, or change the situation. That is exactly how I felt. Helpless.

During the duration of this three-year relationship I have done what all my friends have advised me of.

Don’t push him overboard. Keep the hurt to yourself. Don’t let him know of your insecurities. Don’t let him know that you are aware of what he is doing when he’s not with you. Enjoy the moment. The brother loves you. He is a good man. Telling him your true feelings will only push him away. This is how you have pushed the others away. This man takes care of you and loves your children. You have the complete package. In relationships you have to accept the good with the bad. No man is perfect.

Now it sounds stupid as hell, but I have really followed all of those dumb ass directions. I wanted to see if their suggestions would really work. I have spent many dark nights and lonely nights in my bathtub crying to myself. I have downplayed moments when I knew that he was with someone else. I joked about it, but basically sold myself short because I silently accepted it. I enjoyed the moments that we shared together. I allowed myself to push the confusion and pain to the wayside.  I told myself at the end of the day, we were going to be together and that was the only thing that mattered.


BG (1)(2)Striving to inject her unique flair into the realm of contemporary fiction, Award-Winning, Best-Selling author and blogger, Ni’cola Mitchell enter the literary scene with one main objective: To Stimulate Your Mind, One Word at a Time.

Through her independent publishing company NCM Publishing, Ni’cola published numerous titles which have been featured on various best-selling lists throughout the country. Much of her work revolves around complex relationship issues and Mitchell’s compulsive desire to see women overcome challenges.

Over and Over Again was featured in the top ten by EDC Creations Recommended Reading List the 2009 fall season under Mainstream Fiction and Women’s Fiction. Ni’cola was nominated Self-Published Author o the Year with the African-American Literary Award Show for 2010, 2011, and 2012. Her short story “The Forbidden Rain” was featured in the Between the Sheets anthology which won 2011 Anthology of the Year with the African-American Literary Award Show.

Because of her outstanding representation of Las Vegas’ African American community, Ni’cola Mitchell was featured in the second edition of Who’s Who in Black Las Vegas. She is also a motivational speaker and literary consultant. Currently, she is touring across the country, speaking about the importance of going after your dreams and overcoming obstacles, and how to self-publish your book successfully.

When she isn’t writing, Mitchell loves to spend time with her family and volunteers as a mentor or youth activities. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she currently resides in North Las Vegas, Nevada with her two daughters Destani and Diamond. Ni’cola is also the CFO of Obsessive Soul Media and Co-Founder of the Baltimore Urban Book Festival. She holds a Bachelors degree of Science in Business Management and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Business.

Get to know Ni’Cola:

1.     How did you become a writer?

My first novel was inspired from a dare.  I used to keep a journal of my thoughts and experiences.  I would share this with my close girl friends and family and they were intrigued that I wrote this.  So at my graduation party I was dared to write my first book.  I write about real life situations.  I take things that I have been through and situations that I see day to day to add the twist in my stories.

2.     What are you hoping readers take from your book?

I can honestly say that even though all my characters are vastly different, they all possess the same underlying dynamic; they learn from their mistakes. That is the message that I would like to send to my readers. Even though life is hard, and everyone makes mistakes, I want the reader to look back into their own personal experiences and reflect on the choices that were made and learn from them.

3. If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?

A controversial topic…. Hmmmm… If I had to choose, it would be domestic violence.  I was a victim of this, but was on denial when I was going through it.  There are many women that are in my shoes, and I feel that it is sometimes easier to acknowledge an issue via reading than admitting it out loud.

4. How rewarding did it feel to be  nominated Self-Published Author of the Year with the African-American Literary Award Show for 2010 and 2011 ?

The African American Literary Award Show is a prestigious event.  As of date, at least one of my titles has been nominated for an award which I truly believe is an honor! This year I was nominated for two of my works which was truly a blessing. Last year I won Anthology of the Year with my book Between the Sheets.  It is always a good feeling to be recognized for your hard work.  Every time I am motivated to push on further to see how far I can go.

5. All you books get nothing less then 4 stars when it comes to reviews, what do think sets your works apart from others?

I think what sets my works apart from the rest is that I write like we are having a conversation. I give real life situations that are drama filled, hilarious, and fast paced.

6. Who are some of your biggest influences and why?

As a writer: Omar Tyree, Mary B. Morrison, and VC Andrews.  They bring realness to their works and entertainment.

Personally: My late sister Janet Smith. She raised me and taught me that the statement hard knocks of life really does exist, but only as long as you let it last for.

7. What is the biggest advice you would give any aspiring author?

To not give up. Believe in yourself and your project. You are always going to come across someone that will tell you no, stay motivated and keep pushing on. Eventually will come across someone that will say yes to you and your project.

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