Life Through The Eyes of A Woman by Eyquionette Latin

The Author:
Eyquionette Latin was inspired to write Life through the Eyes of a Woman because she sought a work to which all women could relate. She really wanted to write a book that was realistic and would serve as a guide for young women to help them with life’s tough choices.

Ms. Latin holds a Master of Science degree in Health Education from Texas Southern University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Health Care Informatics from Capella University. She is also a survivor of domestic abuse. Ms. Latin currently works for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and was born and raised in the great state of Texas.

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Author Interview:


What inspired you to write Life through the Eyes of a Woman?

I wanted to write a realistic book that consists of various situations that women from all walks of life regardless of race, age, or economic status may eventually face.

Is this your first book?

Life through the Eyes of a Woman is my first book, and hopefully will not be my last.

How is the book composed, and how long did it take you to write Life through the Eyes of a Woman?

My book is a is general fiction. It is a collective work of short stories, and freestyle poetry. Life through the Eyes of a Woman was written in two years; however, it took me almost seven years to complete the entire project.

What are some of the topics you write about in Life through the Eyes of a Woman?

Life through the Eyes of a Woman covers several topics, but some stories in the book that come to mind include infidelity, domestic violence, coping with the death of a loved one, promiscuity, homosexuality, and alcohol abuse.

How did you decide on what topics to write about for the book?

Well, being an African American female with an education background in Health Education, it was important for me to touch on issues that I felt needed to be addressed within my community, but needed to be told from a female perspective. For example, Facing Truth is about a young woman who had low self-esteem due to being molested. The main character in the story was very promiscuous resulting in her behavior coming back to haunt her. Several of the stories in Life through the Eyes of a Woman evolved from me picking a topic, sitting at the computer, and letting the words flow without trying to force anything. My writing is more effective when I just allow the stories to come.

Are any of the stories in your book about your own personal experiences?

The majority of stories in the book are not about me specifically; however, just like other women, I have encountered many of the situations in the book. I have been cheated on in a marriage. I have, and at times, still, deal with body image issues pertaining to my weight, and feeling unattractive. I am also a survivor of domestic abuse.

With all of the books out there to choose from, why should people read Life through the Eyes of a Woman?

Men should read Life through the Eyes of a Woman because it will help them to gain a genuine understanding of some of the issues and struggles women go through. All women must read Life through the Eyes of a Woman because regardless of what their current situation is, I guarantee there will something in the book they will identify with, and I know the stories will touch each of them in some way.

The Novel:
Life through the Eyes of a Woman is a compilation of stories about women walking through the storms of life. These women deal with the abuse, neglect, and loss that come with poor relationships, but also the love, security, and passion that should accompany healthy relationships. Yet, no matter what these women are put through, they always find it within themselves to come out on the other side stronger than before. Life through the Eyes of a Woman is intended for women from all walks of life who are in need of a firm, but gentle, guiding hand to assist them with life’s difficult choices and curveballs.

Book Excerpt:
Debra Alexander felt relieved to finally be at home after such
an exhausting day at work. She is a registered nurse who
runs her own private duty business. It was a particularly stressful
day for Debra because she lost one of her dearest patients to lung
cancer. Mrs. Alexander pulled her Land Cruiser up into the driveway and pressed the button on top of the sun visor which
opened her garage door. Next, Debra took a deep breath, and,
as she exhaled, she quietly said, “Thank you, Jesus; it feels so
good to be home.” Then, she took the keys out of the ignition,
grabbed her purse, and headed toward the garage door that leads
to her kitchen. After opening the door, Debra threw her Gucci
purse and keys on the kitchen table. Then, she quickly made a
stiff vodka n’ cranberry and placed it beside her cigarettes on
the living room table. Mrs. Alexander smiled at her drink and
said, “I’ll be ready for you in about ten minutes soon as I get
out of the shower.” Next, she entered into the bedroom and
checked her messages. Nobody important called, so Debra
turned on the radio, got undressed, then hopped in the shower.
While Debra was trying to enjoy her shower, she kept being
disturbed by the phone in the bedroom. It just kept ringing and
ringing. Every time the phone would stop ringing for one
minute, it would start right back up in the next couple minutes.
Around the fifteenth ring, Debra decided that she better rush
her shower in order to find out whom the hell kept calling.
Before Mrs. Alexander could finish drying off to put on her
silk pajamas, the phone started to ring again. Debra said to the
phone, “Hold on! I’m coming, darn it.” but by the time she got
dressed, the ringing had ceased. She figured it might be an emergency, so Debra looked at the screen on her caller ID in order to
return the call, but, unfortunately, it read “private caller.” She
wondered to herself who in the world could be calling her four
times in a row from a private number. After grabbing her clothes
off the bedroom floor, Debra turned off the radio and headed
know that I have been seeing your husband for about
three months now!”
in the direction of the living room.
Before Mrs. Alexander could make it all the way there, the
the phone started ringing again, so she began to move faster in order
to catch the person trying to call. Next, Debra snatched up the
phone sitting next to the drink she poured minutes earlier and
said, “Hello.”
A woman on the other end of the telephone responded, “Yes,
I’m calling to speak with Debra.” Debra was silent for a second
because the voice didn’t sound familiar and private caller was displayed on the caller ID. She quickly thought to herself, “Damn,
I bet this is a bill collector.” Debra had a long day at work, so she
didn’t have enough energy to duck and dodge any harassers that
evening. With a brief hesitation, Debra responded, “Mrs. Alexander speaking.”
The voice on the other end confidently said, “You don’t
know me, but my name is Raya, and the reason I’m calling is to
let you”

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2 thoughts on “Life Through The Eyes of A Woman by Eyquionette Latin”

  1. a wonderful book of short stories that resonates with everyone that reads it. each story is different and about everyday life in many situations. a book that speaks the truth as people have lived it. give it a read…it won’t let you down.

  2. Life through the eyes of a woman is one the best novels I’ve read all year. The stories are truly relatable, Ms. Latin really brought each character’s situation to life with her vivid descriptions. Every woman should read this book in 2019!


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