Lies Unleashed by Tammara Matthews


TAMMARA MATTHEWS, in her novel Lies Unleashed, takes her readers into the lives of colorful characters whose relationships are turned upside down when they can t seem to let go. Meet Niki, a partner at a law firm, who learns that her fiance Shawn had a little too much fun at his bachelor s party. She calls it quits, then meets Donte, who quickly sweeps her off her feet. But Shawn refuses to let go, causing Niki s new relationship with Donte utter chaos. Then to further complicate the situation, Shawn s brother James enters the picture, spinning a web of intrigue. Niki confides in her best friend, Charlene, who thinks she s found a winner in Mason until she receives a threatening call one day from his wife/baby mother, which causes a whirlwind of drama to unfold. Watch as lives are transformed as multiple plots overlap in the author s debut novel as the saga continues.




It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, and I’m just waking up again after getting up at 5 to fix my niece, Danielle, something to eat. After eating, we stayed up for a while and watched a little TV. We didn’t go back to sleep until 6 in the morning. Now I’m up once again getting her ready for her parents to pick her up and take her to school. Speaking of the devil, there they are now. “Hey, Tanya, where is Darnell?” “Outside waiting in the car. You know how he is. Always Mr. Impatient.”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied agreeing with Tanya. “He thinks we’ll take too long if he comes in. But he doesn’t have to worry about that today. Shoot, I’m tired and ready to go back to bed. Danielle wore me out these past two days, not to include this morning, but we had fun.”

“Danielle! Come say good-bye to your aunt Niki so we can go. You know we don’t have much time!” Tanya yelled. “So are you coming to her birthday party tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I should be able to make it,” I smiled. “I can’t believe she’ll be seven years old. My baby’s growing up fast.” “I know. Who would’ve thought out of all of us you’d have a baby first, Tanya?”

“I know. I was the main one swearing up and down I wasn’t gonna have no kids, but I’m glad I did . . . Well, I guess we’ll see you tomorrow. Give your aunt a kiss good-bye, Danielle.”

“Bye, Aunt Niki,” Danielle said as she kissed me on my cheek. “Bye, sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?” “OK.” “Oh, tell Darnell I said hello,” I yelled waving them good-bye. “Good, now I can get some sleep.” As soon as I lay down in my comfortable bed underneath my big goose down comforter and started to doze off I heard another knock at the door. Damn, people just won’t let me go to sleep! “Who is it?”

“It’s Shawn.” “What do you want? I already told you it’s over!” “I know, but I need to talk to you. Can I come in?” “Hell, no! We’re not together so why are you here?” “To explain what happened and plead my case.” “It won’t do you any good because we’re still not getting back together, but OK, I’ll give you five minutes.”

“Thanks for letting me in. It’s cold outside,” Shawn said rubbing his hands together.  “Look just get to the point. You got four minutes, now!”

“OK, OK! Look, I made a mistake, but I want to make it right so we can get back together. What happened really wasn’t what it seemed.”

“What do you mean it wasn’t what it seemed? You cheated on me at your bachelor’s party with a stripper!” I glared at him. “I know, I know, but you don’t understand. They took advantage of me! I was drunk.” “They? What do you mean, ‘they’? It was more than one? You slept with two women?”

 I am 29-years-old and was born in Augsburg, Germany but spent most of my life in the Midwest in East St. Louis, IL. I currently reside in Maryland, which is where I decided to pursue a career in writing. I began reading urban fiction novels when I was about 15 years old and had been interested in writing one of my own every since. Lies Unleashed is my first novel of many to come. My contact email for readers is [email protected]. I can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter under username Author Tammara.







Get to Know Tammara:

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Augsburg, Germany, which is where I lived until the age of five then moved to the Midwest, East. St. Louis, IL.

2.  When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing books in 2008 and began writing after I was hit with a book idea to the point where I couldn’t stop writing. Since then I’ve been writing non-stop.

3. What inspired you to write your first book?

After reading multiple books, some of which I had to skip pages, I decided to write a novel that would grasp readers attention from start to finish. I want my readers to feel as if they know the characters personally and they’re watching the drama unfold right before their eyes.

4. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes, it’s better to love and let go. There’s no point of holding onto someone who doesn’t want you, it only causes more drama and pain when you can’t let go. Also lying and cheating gets you nowhere, eventually the truth will come to light and when it does it won’t be a pretty situation.

5. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I first considered myself a writer once I completed my first novel and received positive reviews.

6. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

My interest in writing first originated at the age of fifteen when I read my first urban fiction novel. From that point on I took an interest in writing my own novel.

7. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

My favorite author is Carl Weber, I like how he incorporates multiple characters and their individual situations in his story plots. His books are never disappointing and are always page-turners.






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