Lies Men Tell by Raquel Solomon

Although this entire book is based on lies, I promise you that I will get as close to the truth that you need to know as possible. You see, I live my life today anchored in truth and I’ll admit that sometimes the real truth is too much for some to bear. The events that have transpired in my life make me walk the tightrope of truth every second, of every minute, of every hour of the day. My life’s experiences have taught me that the truth is the only thing that I can firmly stand on when the titanic of life sinks. I used to thrive in the flames of lies that we so often tell ourselves. We tell lies to be accepted, we believe lies to be truths we wish existed, and we accept lies because we don’t often feel worthy of better.

My name is Raquel and I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And if it’s the truth sets us free, then I’d say that I’m running as fast as I can towards the promised land.  Up until this point, my whole life has been plagued by lies — lies men tell to be exact.



After leaving the store, I went to Peter’s apartment and knocked on the door.  There was no answer.  I kept knocking until I got angry. For some reason, I believed that he was there and just not answering for me. Now men would have us believe that our intuition is off, but that’s one of the many lies that men tell. A woman’s intuition is never wrong.  I became more aggressive in my knocking; resolved that come hell or high water I was getting in that apartment right then.


With pregnancy hormones raging, I busted through the window at the back of the apartment that led directly into the bedroom. I wasn’t even sure how I was going to step through the window with my belly in tow, but at the time, I wasn’t letting anything stop me.  When I pulled back the curtain, it was as if my eyes were deceiving me.  Peter was lying in the bed, butt ass naked, with another woman who I did not know. I lifted my leg and jumped through the window, landing on top of the TV stand. How in the world that thing didn’t break is beyond me. Without thinking, I reached for a machete near the top of the wall that Peter had mounted as decoration and I dove towards the bed.  In that moment of rage, I don’t believe that I even remembered I was pregnant.  The nerve of him!


Both Peter and the unidentified woman rose from the bed in fear and attempted to run towards the bathroom. I cornered them both off with the machete in my hand, tears in my eyes and rage in my soul.  I began to hyperventilate. This was just too much to bear. “I can’t catch my breath,” I mumbled.  I was leaning on the wall nearest to me as my body had given out.


“It’s not what you think,” said Peter.


“What the hell is it then? Huh? What the hell is going on?” I asked. I was discouraged and defeated.


Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, Raquel moved to Sacramento in the early 1990’s where she began life as single mother.  Now a mother of two daughters and a grandmother she is now living her life drama free.  In 2005, she founded an organization that mentors young girls called “Foundation TAMARA,” located in Sacramento, California.  She feels that all young women should have a place to go for empowerment, encouragement and uplifting.  For more than 10 years Raquel has used writing as a form of therapy to cope with heartbreak and unhappiness from failed relationships that made her question her self-worth.  Now she has transformed her journal into a novel that all women around the world can relate to.  She has learned the importance of loving herself and making the most of her life.


Raquel Solomon was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, and is a proud graduate from Sacramento State University.


Get to know Raquel:


  1. What motivated you to write this book?As I became a young woman starting to date seriously, I found that there were so many issues in my relationships with men lying to me.  I had relationships where I was cheated on with coworkers, I caught another in bed with a woman, and I had men either lie and say they were singe and were married or lie and say they were married and unhappy, but really not that miserable.  I was dumbfounded and it took me through a lot of ups and downs and a young woman and single mother I resorted to journaling.  Over time I realized I had a story to share with others that may be going through the same thing and decided to reach out to a publisher.


  1. What is your book about?The book “Lies Men Tell” is a book about a young woman named Rachel who experiences about 4 different relationships over a 20 year period.  In all those relationships she had to been either lied to or deceived.  Rachel shares her journey on how she dealt with each relationship and the insecurity that came along with the heartbreak.


  1. Women tell lies too, what do you say to that?I do agree that women lie too, however, I am not that experienced in that genre since I only date men.  I am currently looking tackling that topic since a lot of men seem to respond with that statement after seeing my book.  Stay tuned!


  1. How did you family feel about you writing a fiction book loosely based on your personal life?My family was very supportive, my mom and dad are always at a book signing to support me.  If they cannot make it a child or sibling will come to support. My family is very excited that I decided to move forward with publishing a book.  My initial goal was just to publish a book so that it was part of my legacy but how can you publish a book and be proud of yourself without promoting it.


  1. Has any of the ex’s in your life commented or purchased the book that you know of?  It’s funny because since the novel has published exes are coming out the wood work asking if they are in it.  One ex came to a book signing and walked out of the book store with a paper bag.  He later admitted to going secret location and reading the entire book in hiding away from his wife.  See what I mean…Lies……………..


  1. Do you plan to write a sequel or another novel?Yes, currently another books is in the works.  I am hoping to have it finished by Valentine’s Day.


  1. Now that you are a published author, how has that changed your life?It has really changed my perspective of what I am capable of doing.  I never really was much of a people person but now I enjoy promoting my book, telling my story and meeting other authors.  This has really created a wonderful opportunity to promote not only my book but the fact I am a mentor to young ladies as well.

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