Between The Lines With Virginia: A Pregnant Girl’s Secret

Vanessa has great friends, a loving boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on, an adoring adopted Aunt, and a father who loves her in spite of their  proverbial differences. Though Vanessa has yet to attain the much-needed closure of her mother’s sudden death years prior, and her relationship with her father has become rocky, she leads a fairly good life.  However, Vanessa is shocked to find out that she is pregnant. While her boyfriend is overjoyed with this news, she is troubled. Slowly, everyone in Vanessa’s life become elated about the expected new addition. But no one knows that Vanessa is pregnant with a secret.  While the news of her pregnancy reconciles her relationship with her father, it sabotages her romantic relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Carlos. Carlos quickly begins to reside in a world of confusion and disdain, when Vanessa seemingly ends their relationship for no reason at all.  Though she still has a small cohort of people who support her, she is all alone. No one knows that her child was conceived by deception and force. At a young age Vanessa is faced with the taxing ultimatum of keeping a child that was un-willingly conceived, or destroying a life that could merely be a blessing in disguise. Should she tell the truth, or reveal her troubling secret? -which will indefinitely bring vast pain to the people who mean the most to her.

Talented author Ladie Nique introduced her moving, page-turning debut novel “Pregnant With A Purpose” earlier this year on The Nook and Kindle . I decided to read and review this book the moment I discovered the concept of this novel.  The minute I picked the book up, I could not put it down. I instantly in fell in love with how easy I could relate to Vanessa,  and how tangible her emotions are.  The plot and the dictation in “Pregnant With a Purpose” is so lucid I felt every emotion and scenario as if I were there myself.  This novel is a poignant representation of a real life devastation that many females have been faced with and are still facing today.  “Pregnant With a Purpose” is a gripping, poignant, emotion-filled story that will you keep you smiling, laughing, and crying as you relate to each character. 

My Review: 5 Stars *****

1. What inspired you to write “Pregnant With A Purpose”?

When I was a junior in high school, my pastor gave me a challenge to write a short story about a girl who gets pregnant. I began writing what started out to be a short story, and developing the characters. I couldn’t bring myself to stop, so it developed into a novel many chapters later. 

2. Will there be a sequel to “Pregnant With a Purpose”?

Yes! There is going to be a part 2 of “Pregnant With A Purpose”, but I do not have a title for it at the moment. So many people are asking for it, and I refuse to let the people down!

3. Is there a certain audience that you hope to affect or impact as a writer?

I really want to reach young adults, as well as adults with my writing. I tried to write “Pregnant With A Purpose” so that both audiences can relate to a few of the characters. This book was really meant for young adults because there is a lot of issues with transitioning from high school to college, relationship with friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, and relationships with parents. There is a lot of pressure young adults receive when they are in high school. During those four years, they face peer pressure, struggle with their identity and being accepted by their peers, decisions about their future, and many other obstacles. I wanted to write something to let them know that they aren’t alone during this time. Although “Pregnant With A Purpose” had a few adult situations, I hope to target the adult audience more as I develop my writing abilities.

 4. How long did it take you to write the novel?

It took me almost 3 years to complete the whole thing. I began when I was a junior in college, and I finished as a sophomore in college. In my freshman year of college, I thought I was done with the manuscript, but I took some months off and decided I wasn’t satisfied with how I finished it, so I took a few more months to complete it.

5. Are there any writers/ poets who inspire you as a writer as well?

Most definitely! There are so many who’ve inspired me. When I first began writing, Maya Angelou was my hero! Fiction was my second love. Poetry came first. I used to read Maya Angelou’s poems all the time, and “Phenomenal Woman” will always be my favorite poem. After i developed a love for fiction, I began reading a lot of works by many different authors such as: Stephanie Perry Moore, Leonard Pitts Jr., and Terry McMillian. Zora Neale Hurston has inspired a lot of my new fictional ideas. I fell in love with her ability to construct such beautiful fiction. 

6. As a young writer, what advice do you have for other young adults who may be aspiring to excel in the literary world?

I think the best advice that I can give is to never stop writing, and to read often. I can’t stress enough how important reading is. As a writer, you can’t develop your skills without reading other literary works. Your ideas and creativity will not expand, or grow. Also, take your time. Rushed work isn’t good work.

7. Are there any other genres you are interested in?  

I absolutely love reading and writing fiction. Besides that, I take an interest in African American Literature. I never appreciated it until I took a class on it. I enjoy reading Christian fiction, memoirs, urban fiction, and I’m trying to get into science fiction. I never saw myself writing biographies or fiction, but a few people have asked if I could write their story. We’ll see what the future brings!

8. What do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not working, or writing, I’m volunteering at The Boys and Girls Club, or working on my new organization “Creating the Unthinkable”. I have a huge passion for helping, and working with students. I’m in school to be an English teacher/Professor, so any chance I get to surround myself with kids, I’ll take it.

“Pregnant With a Purpose” is expected to be available in print by late December 2011 or early 2012. You can contact Author Ladie Nique via twitter @LadieNique.

Meet Virginia: I am a Lover of words, coffee, and Music. Poet. Journalist. Educator. Aspiring novelist. A college grad striving to make a difference in the world through my pen and pad. #Teamsucceed

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