Kevin Benoit speaks on Parle Magazine

  • Why was Parlé Magazine created?

Parlé came about in 2004 while I was a freshman in college. I was reading a lot of the other urban entertainment magazines but I didn’t like what they were bringing to the table. I didn’t feel as though any of them focused on bringing actual stories, it was all about interviews with the same entertainers on all the publications. That’s why the slogan was ‘Not Your Average’. In addition to wanting to bring something different, I wanted something of my own and something that others would be able to claim as their own too. I had friends in the mind at the time but now that’s more about the writers, photographers and the team that uses their work with Parlé to launch a career.

  • What are some of the topics and subjects addressed within the magazine?

With the print publication there is a lot less flexibility but we don’t print any interviews in there. Just stories where we introduce you to some of these not so popular entertainers/artists/authors with a lot to show for their career.

On the website ( we have interviews, photo galleries, we cover events, review books, movies and cds. The website is the one-stop shop for all things urban entertainment. From business to politics to sports to relationships to entertainment, we got you covered. 

  • You’ve started other Parlé additions, tell us about them?

Well I started the Parlé Poetry Tour in 2005. I take poets and we do shows at colleges and universities throughout the country as well as other venues in the city. I’ve since added comedians, rappers and this year we’ll launch a one-woman show as well.

We started the website in November of 2009.

  • What set this magazine aside from its competitors?

We do more than they can ever do. I don’t care for gossip and drama so if you’re looking for that you can look elsewhere. I promote authors, artists, and entertainers the other sites might not want to bother with simply because I see their potential.

  • What future endeavors with Parlé  Magazine take on?


Biggest move of the coming months is Parlé Teen. That’s a youth version of the magazine created by young adults.  That magazine will be distributed in high schools throughout the NYC and Jersey City school system. We’re looking to release the debut issue in late March.

Through Parlé Teen we’ll also have opportunities to mentor teens, teach journalism and creative writing workshops as well as educate teens and young adults on the business of journalism and the different components of urban entertainment so hopefully less of our teens can focus on being a rapper or music producer and more on being managers, magazine’s editors, authors and executives.

We’re collecting donations and advertising for that project now at:

so far we’ve raised about half the funds needed to launch

  • Where can readers go to read Parle and purchase a copy?

The magazine is available at book stores, record stores, libraries, barbershops and other locations throughout NYC where free publications are available. They go fast so we urge NYC residents and others to join the over 1,000 subscribers across the country.

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