Keeping it Real with Author Sexcee Jackson

Get Yo LifeSexcee Jackson doesn’t claim to be a spiritual guru with all of the answers. She’s a woman dealing with the same issues that many women face daily. She offers her own insights in hopes of helping women empower themselves in her book “Get Yo Life: 52 Weeks of Spiritual Food”.

What was your inspiration for writing “Get Yo Life”?

I was inspired to write “Get Yo Life” from a series of Sunday blog posts from an old Facebook group that my ex writing partner and I started for women. The group and the blog both are now defunct and I wanted to use the information that I had written on the blog because I felt that the messages were too powerful to just sit on an old blog post that no one ever accessed any more.

 With all of the advice books out there, what makes yours different?

What makes “Get Yo Life” different is the language and style that it is written in. A lot of times, advice books for women of color aim to be politically correct and attempt to persuade their readers with a bunch of empty rhetoric and titles that really do not qualify anything in particular (Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Self-Esteem Extraordinaire, etc.) I don’t try to persuade anyone or put on airs about who I am. I’m a black woman who has lived through some experiences with a job and 2 kids just like the majority of black women I know.  “Get Yo Life” does not try to diagnose you with some clinical illness that you can run to your doctor to get a prescription for. It’s all about giving women enough motivation to look inside of themselves and decide what they want to change on their own terms without making them feel like they’re being judged or will be frowned upon because they’ve made mistakes. None of are perfect, and that’s OK! LOL!!

 What do you think the most important thing is for a woman to “Get her life?”

I think the most important thing for a woman to “Get her Life” is to LOVE HERSELF enough to make BETTER choices than she has before.

What’s the message you want women to come away with after reading your book?

I want women to walk away with a message of ENCOURAGEMENT to take a real sincere look at the choices they’ve made thus far and not feel sad, or depressed, or guilty about them.  After reading this book, they should feel comfortable enough to admit their faults to themselves and change any behaviors that they don’t like, but change on their OWN Terms, not anyone else’s…Not yo mama, not yo man, not yo kids, or yo boss…on YOUR terms!!  😉



Sexcee Jackson’s book “Get Yo Life: 52 Weeks of Spiritual Food” is available on Barnes & Noble, or her website

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