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jacent0 Jacent Mpalyenkana is a spiritual life coach and healer. In her 2nd book Love, Men, and Money: How to Attract and Retain Them, she uncovers the things she says black women need to attract love, men, and money into their lives. Using her personal experiences along with extensive research, her self-help book seeks to empower women.

What inspired you to write the book?

The fact that I was intensely domestically abused, and violated for years, and my incredible healing journey that also landed me this amazing spiritual healing career, inspired me to share my story with hope that it will heal someone. Also, in my healing practice, the issues of love, men-problems and money pop up more often than not. This also inspired me to research further in order to identify other root-causes of related problems.

Why is this book a “must have” for every woman?

In the book I do not only share revolutionary tips and strategies for women to cleanse their internal representations, and heal themselves from their cellular levels in order to attract love and money; I also discuss proven techniques to empower every seeking woman to develop healthy money relationships, sustainable standards, and perpetual self-love.


With so many books out about how to attract a man, what makes your book different?

My book is different because it’s based on globally based intensive research.

Secondly, as a former victim of domestic abuse, and violence, and spiritual healer, I openly elaborate on related spiritual principles, my personal experiences, and those from my healing practice. Based on the same aspects, I discuss the cores of the most common emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, karmic, societal, and environment factors that hinder women from attracting love today.

Based on my qualifications as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technician, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, a traditional healer from a long lineage of African healers, and Ho’opjacentonopono Practitioner, I also included emotional and psychological Freedom exercises and sessions to help readers deal with childhood memories, daddy/mommy issues, money relationships and other deep-rooted factors that could be blocking them from attracting men and money.

Most importantly, I employed numerous humorous stories, and quotations to educate, inspire, and heal in the book.

What’s next for you?

I am writing my third book based on “Spiritual Sex.”  I just compiled and published a revolutionary healing program titled: The 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp – to compliment the book – Love, Men and Money. I’m also working on another program titled The 30 days Soul Retrieval, Spirit Revival and Finding Your Life Purpose. I’m also preparing to begin running Soul Healing Seminars.


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