Kaven Brown speaks on who He is

Describe for those that don’t know Kaven Brown, who you are in the literary world or for those that are not familiar with your body of work, what has been your role in the literary arena?

I’m an author, producer and photographer. I’ve been in the literary industry since 2004 and self-published my first novel in 2005. In 2007, in collaboration with The Urban Book Source and Mills Miller, we began writing, producing and directing the first documentary, that chronicles street literature, titled: Behind Those Books.
What is The Urban Book Source and what role do you play?

The Urban Book Source is an online media outlet for urban literature. It showcases urban professionals through news, thorough book reviews, editorials, interviews, videos, message boards and other features. I have written, designed, conceptualized and produced for the site since it launched in January of 2006. I have always been a contributing writer but recently I committed to being more actively involved in the day-to-day operations and future direction of the site. I was responsible for producing and designing the entire layout of the website. The site is currently in the process of being overhauled and I will play an integral role in executing the changes.

What current films have you produced?

I produced “Behind Those Books” and also numerous music videos with my partner Mills Miller, which can be viewed at millsmillermedia.com.

Behind Those Books is a documentary produced by you; tell us what it’s about and how the concept was developed.

“Behind Those Books” is basically a comprehensive look at what many call street literature. It features interviews with some of the industries well-known authors, publishers, editors, literary agents, hip hop artists, philosophers, professors and trendsetters of the genre. Throughout the film, we explore the controversy and provide vivid examples and illustrations that range the spectrum to showcase and put the genre on the map.

The concept was created along the same lines of how The Urban Book Source was conceived. At the time, there weren’t many credible, viable sources or outlets for street literature. Many people didn’t even know what to call it or how to market street fiction. So, I wanted to create a film that would expose the genre to a wider audience and give it some legitimacy on a large scale.

What are your plans for the future?

The first order of business is to complete the companion book that has the same title as the documentary. It’s a non-fiction piece that also covers most of what’s in the film but takes it a step further.

I want to get back into writing fiction. I will continue making thought provoking films and music videos, producing and publishing other documentaries and photographing and conceptualizing editorial styled photo shoots for models.

I have committed to helping to take The Urban Book Source to another level and raise the standard of publishing. I also offer free literary and publishing consultation. I hate to see people railroaded. I consider it my responsibility and obligation to help others by offering free advice based on actual experience. 

For those who want to learn more about you and your projects where should they go?

They can visit my website at: www.kavenbrown.com, where they can view my blog, music videos and photography portfolio. I am also on Twitter (twitter.com/kavenbrown) and Facebook (facebook.com/kavenbrown).

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