Is Omar Tyree Corrupted: An Online Literary Experience?

A challenging task

Having done just about everything else in the business Omar Tyree has just completed one of the most challenging tasks for any author an delivered a serialised interactive novel to his devoted readers. The novel ‘Corrupted’, which took a hard hitting look at the publishing industry, was delivered in weekly chapters to subscribers with a reflective blog used to help mould and shape the narrative as the work progressed.

Allowing the readers in

The work which began on June 15th 2011 is not unique, the concept of the eBook has been kicking around for quite some time, but it is widely acknowledged by authors to be one of the most challenging tasks in the literary disciplines. Although the online novel does allow you to by-pass the Parcel2go delivery process for your published hardback there are innumerable complications for authors in this format of writing. Not least of these is the fact that the readers have so much access to the narrative as it unfolds. It requires some supreme skill and confidence to give this much exposure to a work as it develops and progresses. Omar Tyree is one of the few authors with the skill to accomplish this and judging by the comments and feedback on his blog, this is yet another task that he has mastered.

About the author

Having published 19 books, including 16 novels, with total sales of over 2 million copies, across the globe, Omar Tyree is one of the most accomplished urban authors of all time. Since qualifying with a degree in Print Journalism from Howard University he has undergone countless ventures which have helped raise the profile of urban authors. He has delivered lectures in over 50 American universities and colleges including Yale and Harvard. He has developed his own non-profit section of the Urban Literacy project and is recognized as one of the most inspiring speakers of his generation.

Omar Tyree, counts many skills in his repertoire and is renowned as a poet, journalist, songwriter, screenwriter, playwright, event host, and lecturer. The work that he probably leaned most heavily upon in the development of this production will have been those as a publishing consultant and literacy advocate, and as a New York Times best-selling author.

Tyree is also heavily decorated for his contributions in the literary field with awards spanning over 15 years including a 2001 NAACP Award for Outstanding Literature in Fiction. He also collected a Phillis Wheatley Award for Body of work in Urban Fiction in 2006. Most recently he collected a HBCU Legends award for tiresome work in urban literacy in 2010. He has collected countless other accolades along the way and as such it is not a surprise that he has successfully managed the process of an interactive ebook.

About the book

It is fair to say that the book is a triumph in that it works on many levels; as a serialization and as a complete work in its own right. The book focuses on a group of New York based editing companies and in particular one publisher who is on the crest of a wave with successful publications. There is a wonderful tapestry of characterization through the range of individuals presented in the text and, although the weight of personnel inscribed in the texthad the potential to swamp the narrative, this had been managed beautifully, and gives a real sense of how richly populous the literary world is. As a literary feature this gives the readership a variety of individuals with whom they can identify.

On managing the number of characters in the narrative Tyree was very clear about his motivation, “Stephen King had this movie called Needful Things, based off of one of his books. And it was like a million characters in there. And they were all charmed by this mysterious newcomer. Well, by the end of the movie, the whole town was going crazy, and I LOVED IT! It was hilarious, like those old-school horror and adventure movies where you start off with 50 people to get down to the last five or six. Now tell me you don’t like those kind of movies? That’s real character development. Now, I don’t have 50 characters in this book like a big movie, but if you really want to know about the publishing industry, I don’t want to just study one author, because there’s various levels, genres, genders, ages, races, and everything else going on. And I wanted you to see this monster from the various different angles. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really be showing it to you.”

About the columnist:

After many years tied to a desk working in an administrative role over in
New York State, Imogen Reed decided to cut the chord and become a freelance
writer. Seeking a clean break she chose to return to the home of her
ancestors and settle in London where she now lives with her partner, her
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Many of her interests are socially conscious and she prefers to rescue
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Imogen has been lucky enough to find work as a writer for five years now
as well as completing her Literature and Creative Writing qualifications.
She tries to give back to the community hosting a writers group at her
local library where she helps other budding freelance writers hone their
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Outside of her local community Imogen is best known for her prolific guest
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