Is He Even Worth It? by Nyeshia

IsHeEvenWorthItSamQuinta Capers is a freelance writer who writes under the pen name Nyeshia. She is a undergrad at USC-Beaufort (University of South Carolina) majoring in Psychology with a minor in Art. Nyeshia was born and raised in Charleston, SC and has had the love of writing for quite some time. She feels writing is her strong point and it allows her to express inner thoughts while letting her imagination run wild. Nyeshia also loves drawing and painting. Her motto is “If you want something in life you have to go for it and believe in yourself. No one is stopping you but you.”

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Title: Is He Even Worth It?

Genre: Urban/Street Lit

Publisher: Cynthia Blue Creations

Pages: 52

Publication Date: February 22, 2015


Find out when your past comes back and haunts you, after you start anew. Can you ignore it, or will temptation arise and draws you back in? Take this journey and find out Is He Even Worth It?



Nyeshia_photo Book Excerpt One

Chapter 1: Teresa


“Hey Baby,” a voice called from behind me. “Wait up,” I continued to walk a little faster I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. I just had to go and get my mind off of what I had just seen. I tried to walk faster into my apartment where we live around the block from each other, but he had caught up to me. “Wait, we need to talk. He ran, stopping in front of me with sad eyes.


Boy, please! I thought.” “Talk,” I said, “about how for the past three years that we’ve been together, you decided to be with someone else. Is that what you want to talk about? You know what, we talked and good luck with her. I hope she’s the one you want. My three years plus her one week, or day or whatever, she’s got a lot of catching up to do, so goodbye.”


“Teresa, I’m sorry for what I did, I never wanted it to happen this way. You know I love you.”

“You have a funny way of showing it, that’s not love, that’s heartache and you wasted my time loving you, all I ever wanted from you was to be honest like I was to you, but you showed me otherwise. I loved you, cared for you, defended our relationship to people who said we wouldn’t make it, or last less than six months. But yet, here I am looking at you together with another woman, who isn’t me. I’m the fool, I’m the one who was blind, while everybody else could see the real you. So you know what? I’m happy for you and her because now you can see what you had missed out on; a good woman and the only one that can love you the way that I can.”


I went up to my apartment and left him there like he’s dumbfounded and lost. I went into my room, took a shower and listened to Monica’s Until It’s Gone. It’s true when people say that you never know what you have until it’s gone.



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