Introducing A Chapter A Month LIVE April 4th

Authors you love…all the time.

Introducing A Chapter A Month.  The first of its kind website where a team of today’s top-selling authors have joined together to give readers the literary ride of their lives.  No more waiting a year to hear from a favorite author.  Now readers will enjoy fresh, exciting chapters every month as authors unfold their stories one chapter at a time. Readers will travel with the authors on their writing journeys and watch the novels come to life. But A Chapter A Month will take the reader beyond the pages as well…each month the readers will experience their favorite authors in ways that they never saw them before.  Whether it’s a video of a day-in-the-life of an author or an “interview with a favorite character,” A Chapter A Month moves writers from just writing and readers from just reading and takes us all into this brave new world of reading entertainment.

Preferred readers will have access to authors through live video streams.  There is even something for aspiring writers – one hour writing workshops each month that can be watched live as well as saved through podcasts.  This site allows readers to enjoy the written word, get to know their favorite authors and have a chance to meet a few new scribes as well.  A Chapter A Month joins readers and writers together in a way that’s beyond the ordinary.

Full Site Coming Soon HERE


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