Intimate Sessions 7 Moments of Pleasure by Nadege

538122_178765198916088_2019876016_nSynopsis – A sizzling melting pot of captivating, romantic, realistic, satisfying, and gratifying, Intimate Sessions 101 by Nadège is a collection of seven short stories that allow readers to totally immerse themselves in puree literary ecstasy — moment-by-moment, stroke-by-stroke. Each sexual adventure will leave readers delightfully pleased, yet yearning for more. Intimate Sessions explores encounters of the most steamy, risky, seductive, and romantic persuasions, surely to incite and quench your sexual thirst.


Nadège comes equipped with knowledge of what it really takes to make things hot, and she spreads that knowledge with Intimate Sessions, her first lesson. As readers journey through the tales, the feeling to put themselves in the stories cannot be fought. The stories may even be a source of inspiration for readers’ own personal rendezvous’.


REVIEW: “Intimate Sessions” is a fast, entertaining, and adventurous read. It is a book that caters to the imagination and provides a platform of escapism to anyone that is blessed to read it. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE in ANY walk of life. Author Nadege is a talented writer and I am fortunate to have read her first of many publications.”


Excerpt – We giggle softly, and he then lifts me so that I’m laid out across the counter top.  After he removes my panties off his head, he spreads open my legs, ready to have his first taste of my honey.  With gentle fingers, he exposes my waiting clit; he sucks and licks in slow, circular motions. With every lick, I moan in ecstasy.  My honey seeps out and soon there is nothing but the slurping of his mouth.  I grab the back of his head and push his face deeper. He is in a frenzy of licking and sucking, both of us moaning. He draws back his mouth and pants quick, hot breaths on my clitoris, creating the sensation of an air vibrator, driving me further into passion’s intense embrace.  Overwhelmed by the sensation, I jump up and hit my head on the hanging lamp while trying to stop him, but he just pushes me back down with one hand.

I am cumming in intense waves, my body trembling with the pleasure of having my thighs squeezing him tight, barely letting him breathe as his tongue probes ever more deeply, hitting my g-spot. In the midst of it all, plates and glasses fall from the counter, shattering from all of our movement.  I scream with fiery passion while grinding against his mouth, riding him hard.  My cum flows like a river of honey from a jar, slow and sweet and thick, every nerve in my body singing with bliss.  Turning him into a mindless servant of my pussy, his only need is to make me cum again and again and again.


427714_105150662944209_1901774580_nBiography – About the Author

Born into a Haitian family of doctors, engineers, nurses and entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before Nadège tapped the potential of her family heritage.  At the bubbly age of seven, she used her natural gift of leadership to organize and hire a team of employees to run her lemonade stands.

Like many women of today Nadège wears many hats; manager, publicist, artist developer, event coordinator and now writer. An entrepreneur with a diva style Nadège states, “I need to have options, I cannot be stuck in one category it only stifles my creativity.”

Receiving a Bachelor Degree in Communications at Northeastern University, Nadège never thought that life was going to shift her course.  She embraced the challenge and started to   publish her works online for friends’ eyes only, she began to receive positive feedback. Her desire to write grew along with her friends’ hunger for more of her exceptionally stimulating erotica titillation. In 2010, she was encouraged enough to compile her stories into a book called Initiate Sessions.


Get to know the author:


1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

It fell into my lap. When I was in my late 20’s I said I wanted to write a book but that was it, I never did anything about it. Until 2005 when I was bored at work and saw that MySpace had a feature were you can post your thoughts and others can comment on them.  That’s when I wrote my first short story, The Club.


2. How long does it take you to write a book?

It varies. When I started writing, I didn’t have a goal of writing to publish a book. I continued writing my very short detailed and intense sex stories because my online readers kept on wanting more. So whenever I was bored, I would write until I saw I had 20 short stories in my file. I started writing in 2005 and published in 2012. Now my second book, I started writing mid last year and I’m almost done.


3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

I got my ideas from my imagination, fantasies, experience, research, listening toother’s telling me their stories.


4. What does your family think of your writing?

They are all proud of my accomplished especially since no one had any idea that I was doing this.  Some of them have not read my book because they said they don’t want to know how I think. Lol


5. Do you hear from your readers much?

I do, I get a lot of private messages asking for advice with their relationship. The most common question that I get asked, is “how much of these stories are your true experiences?” and I always answer “A writer never tells.”

6. What do you think makes a good story?

Character building and being very specific in the scenes. As a writer, I want you to be in the moment.


7. Are you working on an upcoming book?

Yes I’m currently working on my next book “It’s Not Complicated”. It’s a romantic/erotic novel, very different from my first book.


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