Infinite Love: In The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino

Michelle Cuttino - Jeanine MayersIn honor of Valentine’s Day, The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino sat down with Bronx native, Jeanine Mayers, to discuss her “Infinite Love” series.

Michelle: Please tell us a little about Jeanine Mayers.

Jeanine: Jeanine Mayers has lived an exciting life growing up in New York’s Soundview section of the Bronx. Having defied the odds, and boasting a successful career in the private sector, she uses her platform as an author and motivational speaker to empower audiences to personal development and growth. She masterfully melds the opposing worlds of Corporate America and street-smart savvy to deliver compelling storylines and true-to-life characters. The passion, fear, and determination intertwined throughout her novels permeate every woman’s fundamental hunger for love.

Michelle: How did growing up in Bronx, New York shape you as a writer?

Jeanine: A lifelong resident of New York’s South Bronx, gave me first-hand experience with big-city living, which helped to shape me as a writer.

Michelle: Your debut novel is titled Infinite Love – The Pursuit. What is the book about?

Jeanine: Infinite Love: The Pursuit encompasses friendship, passion, drama, love, and hearts intertwined. The book is about five friends, and their struggles in relationships and love.

Michelle: How did you come up with the title?

Jeanine: The story is about the characters trying to obtain a love that will last a lifetime. When I combined the concept, Infinite Love: The Pursuit seemed to fit.

Michelle Cuttino - Infinite LoveMichelle: Infinite Love: The Pursuit explores the lives of five women—Misty, Charmaine, Toya, Nickelle, and Jasmine. They say there is a little piece of truth in every work of fiction, so are any one of these ladies an extension of you, or someone you know?

Jeanine: These ladies are an extension of ninety percent of the women in my generation, and yes, there is a little of me in each character.

Michelle: Your latest release is titled Infinite Love: The Impact. Without giving too much away, where does this story pick up, and leave off?

Jeanine: The story picks up with the main character being rushed into the emergency room, and continues with all the storylines from Infinite Love: The Pursuit.

Michelle: Will there be a part three to the “Infinite Love” series, or did you tie up all loose ends in Infinite Love – The Impact?

Jeanine: Yes, there will be a third and final installment to the series. It’s titled Infinite Love: The Merger.

Michelle: Why did you choose to write a series, as opposed to stand-alone novels?

Jeanine: After completing the first novel, I realized there was more to be told. I had to elaborate further on the various characters’ storylines.

Michelle: What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Jeanine: WRITE, WRITE AND WRITE. Worry about the editing after.

Michelle: What else can we expect from Jeanine Mayers in the future?

Jeanine: You can expect the final installment of the “Infinite Love”series, Infinite Love: The Merger, and the “Absolute Honesty Card Game” for adult couples.

Michelle: When your last book is written, and it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for as an author?

Jeanine: I would like to be remembered as an author who wrote a true-to-life story, where the reader was able to laugh, love, live, and grow through the reading experience.

Michelle: Do you have any upcoming book signings or events where readers have an opportunity to meet you in person?

Jeanine: I will be at Mingles in Bronx, New York on Friday, February 3rd. I also have upcoming events in Brooklyn and Queens.

Michelle: How can our readers contact and/or follow you?

Jeanine: Readers can contact me via email at [email protected], and on Facebook at Jeanine Mayers. My Instagram handle is @Jeanineworldwide, and Twitter @Jeanineworldwid. THANK YOU AND BE BLESSED!


About The Book

Jeanine Cover - Infinite LoveLaced with drama, romance and passion while delivering gut-busting laughter, Infinite Love: The Impact captivates readers with the story of five friends on a mission to overcome their struggles.

Misty had the dream life–financial security, a flourishing career and a professional man. Still, it wasn’t enough. She craved the love of her life, a man sentenced to sixty years in a federal jail. A chance encounter with him changes her world, but her transgression could lead her down the path to her deadliest Sin.

Toya is trying to move on from her broken marriage after years of her husband’s infidelity. Now that she’s single, she faces the challenge of learning who she really is.

Charmaine gave up on love after discovering her man was living a double life. However, an unexpected reunion with an old friend could give her more than she bargains for.

Nickelle is all about making moves. She’s planning to expand her business and send her only child off to college, but there’s one thing missing. Will she be open to finding it?

Jasmine has always thought she was everyone’s judge and jury. But when her own dirty little secrets begin to surface, will she have a change of heart?

Infinite Love: The Impact, the highly anticipated sequel to Infinite Love: The Pursuit, nominated by DONDIVA Magazine as one of the “Top Ten Must Reads,” will leave you begging for more.

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