In The Void of Lies by Kirby Roy

Synopsis: In The Void Of Lies is a tale of infidelity and redemption intermingled against the passage of the healthcare bill. The action starts with Justin Powell in Senator Fitzgerald’s office applying for a new job in order to spend more time with his wife, Tyra. At the same time Tyra is trying to uphold her half of their marriage by covering up a secret.

The drama unfolds as Justin stumbles across signs of Tyra’s affair with Daren. And at the height of their emotional war, Justin walks out on Tyra and potentially their marriage. Meanwhile, Senator Fitzgerald is begging Senator Danforth for money because he is being blackmailed over his illegitimate son.

The excitement comes to a boil as Senator Fitzgerald’s wife confronts his lies, while Justin and Tyra try to decide on the outcome of their marriage. And in a dramatic conclusion almost torn from the latest news headlines, Senator Fitzgerald stands at the Senate podium addressing the nation. And with that, the tale ends with the truth redeeming all that they were hiding.



‘Well what the hell do you want me to do!’ Justin thought as his heart pumped in unison with the cadence of his legs and arms moving back and forth.

The sun was about 15 minutes from peaking through the horizon and the cold morning air was crisp with the smell of DC.  His morning jog was Justin’s way of relaxing and getting ready for the day. He knew that once he hit Dupont Circle he was half way through his run and off to a good start to the day.

But today, there was a tension which accompanied his jaunt. So as he turned around and started the journey back home, all he could think about was Tyra, his wife. The strife of their latest but ongoing argument bounced in his mind like the rubber soles of his tennis shoes bounced off the pavement.

‘I want you to stop playing games and act like we’re married,’ he heard Tyra return as every inch of his morning run brought him closer to the woman he was supposed to be spending his life with.

‘How in the hell is having a job playing at being married,’ Justin rehashed in his mind as he passed the local bagel shop, which they sometimes enjoyed on Saturday mornings.

‘It’s playing when that DAMN job means that you’re on the road most of the year.’ The thing he remembered most about her reply was the way her voice almost seemed to rattle with hurt. ‘I mean, it was Ok when I was in school, but…’

‘But what!’ He almost wanted to flinch at the way he responded to her, but still, he had to hold his ground.

‘But it’s not enough now! You can shout all you want but that won’t change what I’m feeling,’ Tyra returned with a voice that mirrored his tone but still wanted to seek a truce between them. ‘And I’m feeling that something has to change…’

‘First off, I think you’re forgetting who started shouting demands,’ Justin heard himself return as he came upon their Georgetown brownstone just in time to catch the morning paper being delivered.

“You’re like clockwork,” Rico, the paper delivery guy quietly exclaimed from his car with a voice loud enough to gain Justin’s attention but soft enough to not disturb the neighbors.

“So are you,” Justin replied with a nonchalant smile that couldn’t cover the turmoil of the recollections raging through his mind.

“Don’t worry brah,” the young and tall skinny bohemian returned as he noticed a departure from Justin’s usual friendly demeanor. “It can’t be that bad…”

“Well,” Justin smirked as Rico’s words at least made him laugh. “Even if it is, at least I woke up on the right side of the dirt,” he declared while taking out his keys and heading for the front door of his brownstone.

“Which means you can always do something about it,” Rico commented as he watched Justin walk towards the front door of the two story abode, which was in the middle of a row of upscale homes in an offbeat but fancy part of Georgetown.


The morning sun beaming through their kitchen blinds slightly overshadowed the light above the breakfast table Justin was seated at. After looking at his watch, he tried to shovel a bit of toast down his throat while looking over a document in his hand. He wanted to put a smile on his face but the uncertainty of the day just made him sigh.

“I don’t know why you keep looking over that resume,” Tyra remarked with a smile as she entered the kitchen with a glow that challenged the glare of the sun. She was a site to behold. Her fat brown checks were amble enough to accentuate her smile but thin enough to look elegant at any distance. Her body was shaped like a model but with a few additional pounds in all the places all the brothas liked.

For his part, Justin was her equal. Even though his muscular build stood just about an inch or two below her when she was in heels, somehow they always seemed to be face to face. His caramel complexion mirrored the brown tone of her soft curved hips and his integrity mirrored the faith he thought he found with her.

“Chill,” Justin said with a humble demeanor that should have been a declaration to his ability instead of his fears. It wasn’t that he suffered from low self esteem. In fact, Justin was a man of many talents and successes. His job at a lobbying firm in the city was a testament to that. Still, the position he was bargaining for went beyond just a regular 9 to 5 that would allow him to spend more time with Tyra.

“Duncan said that they’re only considering me,” he finished while scooping up some eggs from his plate. Even though he agreed that his current job was not what they envisioned at this time, he didn’t want to give up something worthwhile and profitable for just anything.

“Baby,” Tyra rebuked with a supportive smile.  “I’m your wife, don’t worry, telling the truth isn’t bragging to me…We both know that if they’re going to take anybody, it’s  going to be you.”

After saying her last words, Tyra moved closer to Justin. As her heels glided across the light brown tile of their kitchen, Justin made sure to observe the way her shapely hips moved against the blue striped fabric of her skirt. He enjoyed the way she moved and the vision of her body in motion momentarily swayed his thoughts beyond the specter of making money.

“What I want to know is,” she said while noticing the way he was looking at her. Even though their conversation had a serious tone, their communication held a sense of belonging that made the way he soaked up her hips sensual. “What are we going to do when you’re able to come home every night?”

He was hypnotized by more than her figure. Justin was in love with the way she loved him. He was in rapture with the way her presence made him grateful. Still, the way her breasts almost seemed to plop from the top of her sweater caused his return to be a little more to the point instead of passionate.

“So you already starting to make ready for the booty calls?” Justin delivered with a tone that returned her seduction with sexuality.

“I know you’re playing, but since I’m not, then no,” Tyra rebuked as she stiffened up after correctly decoding his come on. While she did enjoy the feeling of his body on top of hers, more than that, she cherished the emotion of combining with him in ways that went beyond the physical. “I’m tired of making plans for booty calls whenever you’re in town. I’m ready for us to start acting like…”

“Like what?” Justin interrupted with a tone that instantly caught her frost.

“Like two people in a marriage that involves more than just time on the phone or booty calls,” Tyra testified with a scowl that wanted him to understand her feelings.

“I already told you…”

“Yeah, I know it’s not that easy,” she interrupted with a frown that needed to be seen as well as heard. “But whether it’s this job or another one, you need to find something that keeps you in town, because it’s time that we both settle on the fact that I need for things to change,” she finished with an ultimatum Justin had heard before.


Get to Know Kirby:

 1.  How did you start out your writing career?

I basically started writing as a reaction to losing motivation while pursing my college degree. I was not doing well in school, and the thought came to me, ‘what’s the one thing that you would do for free.’ The answer came back, ‘writing’. So after improving in college, earning a degree, and later finding a job, I decided to pursue writing..

2.  What did you hope to accomplish with this book?

I really didn’t have anything in particular that I wanted to accomplish with this book. I just wanted to tell a good story. However, with that said, I do want my stories to mean something, (if to no one else but myself.) So I would say that in writing the story I incorporated things that were interesting and important to me.

3.  What did you learn while writing this book?

I think the thing I learned from writing this book is what I’ve learned from writing all my books. That is, do something you love and pursue it with passion. If you do those things, then no matter what happens, you’ll always be a success. And that doesn’t necessarily mean financial success, or success from recognition. It can just means success in that you will always be able to look upon the time you spent doing what you loved and smile.

4.  What aspect of writing do you love the best, and which do you hate the most?

The thing I love the best about writing is the peace I feel when I have finished a night of writing. There is a certain calmness and serenity I get when I’ve done a nights work. The thing I hate the most is the loneliness that comes from writing.

5.  What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

That books don’t write themselves. Writing is actually a labor intensive endeavor and it takes time and sacrifice.

6. Can you give us a sneak peek of your next book?

I have three novels that can come out after this one. The first is a story about a couple whose impending marriage is potentially interrupted by tragedy. The second is simply a story about two people falling in love, but ultimately having to decide if distance will separate them. The third is the tale of a couple having to survive the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

7.   What’s something few know about you?

I’m shy


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