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EbookImara Winters is an adjunct faculty professor at Far Rockaway Community College. She loved her students, her co-workers and her school and one new college President threatened her future with them all. T. R. Matthews fired half the staff and started his campaign to eliminate her job as well. Imara planned to eliminate his job, until he had her up against the whiteboard screaming his name. She has a man, but her body wants the one who is ruining her whole career.

The new college President, T.R. Matthews, has made it his mission to bring Far Rockaway Community College back to its former glory. Unfortunately that includes eliminating employees like the adjunct professors. Matthews is up for the job and was thought to have thick skin, until the fiery Ms. Winters crawled under him and began to unravel his facade. He wants her and he will get her.

They fight, they argue, and they fuss, but will the forces working against them prevail or will they overcome their internal and external obstacles?


T.R. Matthews exhaled, “Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot the other day, and I just wanted to clear the air.”
My classroom was eerily quiet, but I was not afraid of “Mr. President”. He’s been here for all of six months and damn near fired the entire staff. Now, he was looking to eliminate the Adjunct Professor’s positions, so that meant me and my friends would not have jobs at the end of the semester.
There was no need to get in a deep conversation with this arrogant man, so I started putting my files in my bag, “I think we were both perfectly clear the other day. You have a job to do, so do I, until I don’t. Until then, we will both do our jobs.”
Matthews rose from his chair and walked towards me. I turned my back to him and started to erase the whiteboard.
“Why are you such a … -,” he started to say before I cut him off.
“Bitch?” I interjected for him.
“The same reason you are.” I finished.
He moved closer, “Imara, you work for me, where do you get off disrespecting me as if we are on the same level? I sign your paycheck, I’m the reason you still have this class.”
My anger boiled over. I dropped the eraser and slowly turned towards him, “What, do you want a fuckin’ cookie? I don’t owe you shit. I was here before you. You come in here like you are God’s gift to FRCC, but you’ll be gone in two years. The morale has dropped and while the students may love you, the staff do not. You are probably the most feared and hated leader since Michelle Rhea. Congratulations on that.”
We glared at each other.
“Nobody cares that you like to go around on a bullhorn to hear yourself talk!” I bent down to get the eraser off the floor and attempted to wipe it clean again.
“Many of us lowly staff members thinks it over-compensation, for what I will not divulge to the likes of you. Who knows how many sticks you have up…”
Something touched me.
What in the fuck?
Well, nothing was actually touching me, but I felt vibrating heat on my back, my right hip, and my ass all at the same time. I was almost afraid to turn around to find out what was scorching various parts of my body. The heat traveled to my stomach, my neck, my thigh, and my arms. I looked up to see my right hand stood frozen on the board, with the eraser still in my sweaty palm. It seemed to be stuck there because I could not move, even if I wanted. Carefully, I turn my head to the side in order to see there was someone behind me. He was behind me, because I could smell his expensive cologne that was doing wonders on my good sense.
“W-what are you d-doing?” I stammered.
Matthews didn’t answer me, just moved his hand up my stomach until he cupped my breast, causing my nipples to harden. His body heat was searing my back, I could feel beads of sweat forming on my head. His mouth was close to my ear, but he only lingered. My breast felt heavy in his hands, then he squeezed them tight, causing me to gasp. This was not good because he really needed to stop. He was firing me and all of my co-workers, thus here he stood touching me like this. I straighten so that I could move, but he pushed his whole body into me, pressing it against the whiteboard. Thankfully, I had wiped that part down already. The eraser dropped out of my hand again, then he whispered in my ear, “How many sticks up my what?”
“Y-your ass.” I stammered again.
He licked my ear, and I tried not to lean in for more of his wet tongue.
“Speaking of asses,” he rotated his hips into me, leaving a distinct impression of something long and hard, “I’ve got something for yours.”
Oh shit.


Xyla TurnerXyla Turner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has always been a writer, even as a teenager, she wrote short stories and essays that won awards and nation-wide competitions. Xyla is an avid reader of romance novels and a sucker for sassy females and dominant males. She is a lifelong learner, Vice-Principal at a Brooklyn High School and a pretty good Auntie. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and friends, experiment with dangerous adventures and travel. She writes different genres, but her favorite is contemporary romance.

Xyla has her Bachelor’s degree in Education and Masters in Education Administration. She is also a web designer and a Life Coach. She will forever be an educator, innovator and entrepreneur.

Ready to break into the writing scene with her debut novel The Chase, Xyla will merge her interest in social nuances and incorporate them into romantic story lines.


Get to know Xyla:

  • 1.       When did you decide to become a writer? a.       A few years ago, I felt led to write a book about something that I had gone through. I’m an avid reader, but the notion of writing long pieces of literature did not really cross my mind until this one particular incident. A couple of years later (2014), I started to read more romance novels, particularly with strong female characters and men that could handle them. After realizing that I would often read 4-6 books in one weekend or listen to several audio books, because I traveled often, I started to feel like I was not accomplishing anything. That is how my mind works, as I am very ambitious and always trying to better myself in some way. Therefore, I made a deal with myself, for every three books I read, I needed to write one. Of course, this turned into me writing more than reading.

    2.       What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

    a.       The Chase actually started off as my wish list for myself. I was feeling stuck in life, so I starting writing about how I wanted my life to look. Starting a school, my ideal man, a private practice, etc. This turned into a story, then some more characters, then a plot, and of course romance. My inspiration was based on the concept of ‘writing the vision and making it plain’, but then the book took a life of its own and does not directly resemble my wishes entirely nor the actual events.

    3.       What genre are your books?

    a.       My books will range from African-American Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Interracial/Multicultural Romance.

    4.       What books have most influenced your life?

    a.       Anne of Greene Gables – Love the entire series and though I am not an orphan, my life is very similar to Anne’s, her challenges, how she overcame them and her perseverance.

    5.       What draws you to this genre?

    a.       As I said before, I’m a romantic. I like the happy endings, fairy tales, the underdog overcoming challenges, etc. It helps me deal with the craziness of this world. Life is hard enough. I deal with enough heartache in a day between my own personal saga and my students I work with. Romance novels are my escape. Books have always been a part of my life and now I help contribute to history.

    6.       Which famous person/writer, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

    a.       Michelle Obama. I absolutely love her. She is so down to earth, she doesn’t play and seriously if she acted, I’d love to have her as one of my characters. All of my female characters are successful women like Michelle and they partner with successful men.

    7.       Why should people read your books?

    a.       Well, I think people should give my books a try because I believe most women and men will find that they can relate to my characters on some level. From a woman’s standpoint whether you are strong and independent or working towards that, the heroines in my book represent the characteristics. Not just the good, but also the ‘needs improvement.’ They are not flawless, but they learn through their journeys. For the heroes in the book, the same thing. It’s romance, but its life. I incorporate social aspects, race, culture, society, and community. I also incorporate life lessons. The power of love, overcoming toxic people, and going to your next level. My debut novel, The Chase is a best seller in AA Romance, so I must say they are definitely #sexy. J

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