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Here’s the situation… Cheryl Lacey Donovan is the Publisher for Imani Faith Publishing, an imprint of Peace in the Storm Publishing.  Her faith-based publishing company is introducing three new Christian non-fiction authors, Olevia Henderson, Keisha M. Lee, and Letisha Galloway.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino had the pleasure of finding out more about each of these authors and their new releases.

Michelle Cuttino - Olevia HendersonOlevia Henderson was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. She currently resides in Houston, TX. She is the mother of seven; five daughters and two sons. She is the grandmother of one. She recently signed with Imani Faith Publishing adding “author” to her bio. She is also a motivational speaker and life coach. Henderson is Founder of Rebuilt Ministry, where her mission is to bring others into the Kingdom under God’s teaching. She is the owner of her own business, Texas Legal Ease, where she provides multiple services, including tax preparer, process server, and certified notary signing agent. Henderson is the former chapter president of Survivor’s With Voice’s Foundation. She is a mighty Woman of God who loves giving back and encouraging and empowering others. Most of all she is a survivor of abuse on all levels, yet her faith in God never wavered. As a divorced, single mom she became Founder and Director of an Anti–Bullying Foundation known as HABB (Healing After Being Bullied), formerly known as B.E.N. (Bullying Ends Now). Henderson lives to spread God’s word and help others.

Michelle:  How has your environment/upbringing shaped you as a writer?

Olevia: My environment is what motivated me to write. I lived in the poorest neighborhoods in the projects. However, my grandmother instilled in me to always put God first no matter what.

Michelle: What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?

Olevia: The most rewarding aspect of my career is meeting amazing people from all walks of life.

Michelle: What would readers be surprised to know about you?

Olevia: Readers would be surprised to know I have no college degrees. I was a high school dropout at 17 years old out. I did not get my diploma until after I moved from Louisiana to Texas. I was 38.

Michelle: What legacy do you hope to leave behind with your writing?

Olevia: The legacy I want to leave is this, no matter what people say about you, no matter what has happened to you in life, no matter how many kids or baby daddies you have, no matter what you have done in your life, you are to never give up on yourself.

Michelle: What last words of encouragement would you like to leave with us?

Olevia: Speak your blessings into the atmosphere. Believe in what you are speaking, and know with God in your corner that it can and will happen.


About the bookMichelle Cuttino - Olevia Henderson

At some point we all experienced pain or trauma in our life, but this book has not been written to show a woman’s hate or to seek pity. Instead, it was written to show her strength, and how even when the enemy thought he had her God saved her. This book will reveal how the pain of being raped at a young age, and going through a life of physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse can alter one’s path. It shows how while living in the enemy’s world of sin through prostitution, theft, and lying, God can intervene. When you are purposed and destined, God’s light will shine through when you allow deliverance and acceptance. By receiving emotional healing from my Lord and Savior, and letting go of the hurt and brokenness, I was able to grab redemption and walk away freely. Walk through some of my life to see how my being started.


Contact Olevia Henderson:

Olevia on Facebook

Olevia on Twitter

Olevia’s Official Website


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Michelle Cuttino - Keisha M. Lee


As a single mother of three, stuck living in a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive relationship with no clear way out while battling an addiction, the one word you can use to describe Keisha M. Lee is “overcomer.” Now at 35 years of age, she is a new author. Her first of many books, I Know Who My Daddy Is, was released on February 9, 2016. She is also an up-and-coming motivational speaker. Lee understands the importance of having a support system who will uplift you, and help bless you the way God has blessed her.

Lee is the founder of. W.O R.D Ministries (Women Of Redemption & Determination), where they are doing the work to build women up from the inside out. Keisha’s dream and fight is to be a world renowned author and speaker leaving a legacy behind for her three loves—her children.

Michelle: What have you realized about yourself since becoming a published author?

Keisha: I have truly realized the impossible can be done. That if you allow God to take control over your life, and order your steps, what is for you will be for you no matter who doubted you! I am way more confident, and am able to truly speak about my past without hesitation. I’m ready to give my testimony, and I hope it helps save someone else’s life!

Michelle: How long did it take to write your book?

Keisha: I have always kept journals. I began turning those journals into chapters almost five years ago. Last year I was given the opportunity to write the book, and less than two months later, I was able to complete the manuscript.

Michelle: Do you use an outline or do you free write?

Keisha: I always start with an outline, because I want to be sure the topics I want to touch on don’t get lost.

Michelle: How do you keep a balance between family, work, and writing?

Keisha: I keep it simple. Work is work. When it’s over, I leave it there and I don’t take it home. Family and writing just flows. It’s almost natural now when my three loves ask me if I wrote in any of my books yet. They understand the process and the work ethic.

Michelle:  Have you ever experienced writers block? If so, what is your secret to overcoming it?

Keisha: I have. In the midst of me writing my first book, I couldn’t think. I didn’t know where to go, and it was because I was still hurting behind some of the things I was writing about. I had to stop, call friends who prayed with me, and shut myself in my closet asking God to finish this for me; to guide my pen and paper, and he did it! Won’t he do it?


Michelle Cuttino - Keisha M. LeeAbout the book

I Know Who My Daddy Is is a personal testimony of growth and development through life’s ups and downs. The author’s candid storytelling is nothing short of amazing.

“The characters in this book represent real life people that can be seen in our families, friends, and ourselves on a daily basis. This is what makes us connect with the book in a down to earth kind of way. The story telling itself is undeniably captivating with the chain of events and the graphic details in which they are described.” ~Rachel Williams

“This book was so captivating. Keisha makes you feel as though she is sitting down with you on her couch and sharing her life. She takes you on her life’s journey through her trials and triumphs. It made me realize that we are ALL constantly a work in progress. Thank you for sharing your story.” ~Tamika Deese


Contact Keisha M. Lee:

Keisha on Facebook

Keisha’s Official Website


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Michelle Cuttino - Letisha Galloway


Letisha Galloway is an international bestselling author, book coach, poet, and speaker. She is the co-author of When New Life Begins, Family Ties: What Binds Us and Tears Us Apart, The Missing Piece: A Life Transformed, and The Missing Piece in Forgiveness. Galloway authored a book titled Victim to Victor: A Story of Love, Failure and Faith, which chronicles her life as an abandoned child, domestic violence survivor, losing her only child, and many other life changing events. Galloway is regularly involved in bringing awareness to domestic violence, and child abuse prevention activities. She also advocates for the homeless and helping to end hunger.

Michelle: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?

Letisha: As a person and a writer, I am very transparent. I am not afraid to share my experiences in an effort to help someone else. Transparency allows people to connect with me. They may find bits and pieces of their story in mine that is relatable.

Michelle: Who are your favorite authors? Where do you find your inspiration?

Letisha: Some of my favorite authors are TD Jakes, Kimberla Lawson Roby, Daaimah S. Poole, and Toni Morrison. I find inspiration in reading the bible, self-help and empowerment books.

Michelle: Tell us about your book.

Letisha: Victim to Victor: A story of Love, Failure, and Faith chronicles my life as a double amputee, domestic violence survivor, the loss of my only child, and many other pivotal moments in my life. It is a story about overcoming obstacles in order to reach an appointed God-given destiny.

Michelle: What other books have you authored?

Letisha: I have been a part of eight anthologies. I co-authored books titled When New Life Begins: Pushing Past the Old and Embracing the New, Family Ties, The Missing Piece: A Life Transformed, The Missing Piece in Forgiveness, The Missing Piece in Bouncing Back, The Missing Piece in Self Love, The Praise Literary Collection, and a book that is near and dear to my heart, No Test No Testimony, presented by Imani Faith Publishing.

Michelle: What last words of encouragement would you like to leave with our readers?

Letisha: Every person has a God-given destiny. Maybe you have experienced some setbacks in life, but it’s not the end for you. There is hope. You can go after your dreams but it’s going to take boldness. Keep moving, keep pushing, and you will arrive at your destination.


Michelle Cuttino - Letisha GallowayAbout the book

Having both legs amputated as a child, being labeled as learning disabled, and losing her only child before the age of twenty, are a few of the things  Satan tried to use to block the blessings from Galloway’s life. Trapped in an abusive relationship, she did not see a way out. She accepted what she believed to be true love, and missed many warning signs. After a series of tragic events, it was doubtful she would ever find peace. It was not until she learned to see herself as a child of God that she was able to accept her past, forgive herself and others. She finally found her freedom in Christ. Galloway’s powerful testimony will encourage, inspire, and give you hope for a brighter tomorrow. Her story of survival is simply amazing. No matter where you are in your life, you can relate to something in this book. This testimony shows that even in your darkest hour, all things are possible with God.


Contact Letisha Galloway:

Letisha on Facebook

Letisha on Twitter

Letisha’s Official Website


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