Imagine Life Without African American Inventors By Charron Monaye


Did you know your cellphone was invented by an African American? What about the doorknob, mailbox, or the home security system? Through the book, you will learn along with Mr. Kentrell’s class just how African American women and men contributed to the world we live in.

Imagine Life Without African American Inventors is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about inventions that has become the fabric of our everyday lives. Children will learn that some things that we may take for granted – from the components in a cell phone, streetlights, mailbox, hairbrush, potato chips, ironing board to the home security system – were created by African American men and women. As Michelle and Mr. Kentrell’s class learn about these inventors, they are asked to imagine life without African Americans.


“Plus, we wouldn’t have doors with knobs if it weren’t for Osbourn Dorsey, who received a patent for the improvements on a door-closing device,” her dad added.

“Why don’t we learn this stuff in school?” Michelle asked. “These textbooks will have you believe that we were only slaves fighting for freedom. There is greatness that comes from our ancestors.”

“Michelle, textbooks do not tell everything,” her dad replied. “They don’t share every part of our history and contribution. That’s why it’s important to read books other than textbooks, watch documentaries that teach our history, and share the stories of the past so we know just how important we are to America. Slavery is what brought us here,” he continued, “but our ability to evolve this land makes us valuable. We may not always get credit for the things we’ve done, but if we know our story, we can celebrate our legacy as a people.”

Author Bio

From a struggling mother to Amazon best-selling author, Charron Monaye is an adored storyteller and groundbreaking writing expert who has evolved into a Who’s Who in America’s Arts and Literature. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Charron has been recognized, nationally and internationally, as a literary game-changer who does not mind adapting words into legacies.

Dedicated to facilitating the growth and evolution of individuals ready to win, Charron has contributed her pen to the literary industry for over two decades. Her body of works includes twenty-one published books in six different genres, five Amazon best-sellers (with six-figure sales and winner of various awards), staff writer for CNN iReport and Philadelphia Association of Paralegals, contributing author for 20+ book publications, celebrity ghostwriter, award-winning playwright, blogger, editor-in-chief of, and creator/writer of five stage performances. Her stage play, Get Out of Your Own Way, is her most successful play, to date, with premieres and sold-out audiences in Hollywood, CA and Times Square, NY. She has also been featured in several major press publications, including CBS, NBC, FOX, Sheen MagazinePhiladelphia TribuneHuff PostVine Magazine, and DivaGoals Daily, to name a few.

A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Charron embodies a no-nonsense approach in her message and teaching style. Transparent, truthful, and wise, she is a living testament to the value of “Loving the Real You” and the power in knowing how to “Stop Asking for Permission & Give Notice.” Charron uses real-life solutions and straight talk to deliver her consistent message of speaking to teach, living your best life, and the importance of building a wealthy legacy.

Today, Charron is the founder of Pen Legacy, LLC. This groundbreaking literary company helps individuals share their stories and provides a platform to elevate their voices through book publishing, literary coaching, and the adaptation of books into scripts. From its inception in 2015, Pen Legacy, LLC. has published 100+ books, with more than half becoming Amazon Bestsellers. In addition, Charron Monaye is the mastermind and author coach behind the author careers of Ms. Evelyn Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Precious L. Williams, Esq.(13x Pitch Champion), Ty Johnston-Chavis (TV/Film Producer & Pitch Coach), just to name a few. 

Charron has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from West Chester University, a Master’s in Public Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management, a Certificate in Paralegal Studies and Life Coaching, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Humane Letters) from CICA International University & Seminary. She was also appointed as “Fellow of the Most Excellent Order of International Experts (FOIE)” in the field of entrepreneurship from the United Nations and has been awarded and recognized for her work as an author, book publisher, and playwright.

Charron is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Order of Eastern Star and First Baptist Church of Crestmont. She resides in Wesley Chapel, Florida, and is the proud mother of two sons, Christopher and Craig.

Author Interview

Q:  First tell us something about yourself?

I am a woman who wears many hats, but one of the hats I enjoy the most is writing. I have contributed my pen to the literary industry for over two decades. My body of works includes twenty-two published books in six different genres, five Amazon best-sellers, former staff writer for CNN iReport and Philadelphia Association of Paralegals, contributing author for 20+ book publications, the ghostwriter of 12+ books, award-winning playwright, blogger, and editor-in-chief of, and creator/writer of five stage performances.

When I am not writing I am serving as an author coach and book publisher under my company, Pen Legacy, LLC. And lastly, I am a Philly native, but now resides in Tampa, Fl. and proud mother of my two sons Spc. Christopher (who is currently serving in the U.S Army) and Craig.

Q: How and when did your journey start as a writer?

Writing was never something I aspired to do; it just came naturally. As a child, I would write poetry to share my thoughts or emotions because I always felt that speaking them would either cause me to be ridiculed or judged. I was a child that really cared what people thought about me. So, instead of fighting for my voice, I just spoke through my pen because I knew it would not speak back. After winning a poetry contest and having my poem, “Alone” published in the publication, Tears of Fire, I felt motivated to continue writing. Then, writing poetry turned into writing articles for magazines, to writing song lyrics, to authoring books, to play scripts, and now children’s books. So, what started out as a form of expression, has now evolved into a legendary and profitable business.

Q: When did you write your first story? Is it published or not?

Well, my writing has transpired in seasons, so bear with me. I became a published writer in 1992, as a contributing writing to the book, Tears of Fire. After that I collaborated for years, as well as writing for magazines and CNN. However, my first published book as an Author was released on November 4, 2010, entitled, My Side of the Story. That book, along with many others, is available on all domestic and international online book retailers’ sites. If you are not sure, you have Barnes N Noble, Books A Million, Target, Wal-Mart, Apple, Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo, and more local bookstores.

Q: Tell us something more about your books?

Let’s just say, I am a versatile writer. I have published books within the Poetry, Inspirational & Personal Development, Business, Children’s, Devotional & Journaling, and Self-Help.

But my books are truly for everyone who is looking to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged. I write based on reality, so it’s no escaping life when reading one of my books. I am that writer who is also a coach who loves to see people grow and elevate to their highest potential. My writing changes based on what I have overcome or what I see people needing based on post or conversations.

Q: Why do you choose kids as your reader? is there any specific reason?

I am actually new to the children’s book realm. My first children’s book Michelle and her Magical Pen was released on my ten-year anniversary as an author, and since then I have completed the entire series, The Adventure of Michelle Children’s Book Series. This six-book children’s series starring Michelle is an amazing way to introduce a child to travel, learning a foreign language, entrepreneurship, politics, and history.

For me, children’s books gave me permission to tap into my inner child. For instance, Michelle is my middle name and every single book is a reflection of my seven-year-old goals, dreams or some of the things I enjoy as a person.

Q: How did these stories and characters come to your mind?

With my children’s book being the first real character book, they came nature. They are all family members, my kids, and friends. All of the character names are people I know, but Michelle is me. The younger version of me if you will. And the stories are subjects that I love. Subjects such as: Writing (I am a writer), History (I love history), Politics (I love law and government / it’s my professional profession), Travel, (my dream of going to Paris) and Entrepreneurship (I am a business owner and teaching kids how to sell). So, every book is a reflection of me and me teaching and inspiring children to follow their dreams.

Q: Do you want to leave any message for your readers?

Thank you in advance for your support. You can connect with me on Facebook at Charron Monaye or Instagram at @iamcharronmonaye. You can also visit my website at or if you are ready to share your story and need a publisher, ghostwriter or scriptwriter visit

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