If The Tree Could Talk By. Karen C. Brown

The Family Tree in the small town of Top Water, Louisiana takes on a different meaning for the Greenson family. For in their front yard is literally a family tree, however, you must understand, that it is not just any old tree, but one that is almost like the biblical Tree of Life and Knowledge. Under that tree many major decisions were made: marriage proposals, birth announcements, heart breaks, and other let downs, and news of a loved one passing away.
Everything was talked about under this tree, even a decision that drastically affected the life of 12-year-old Callie Greenson, better known as Sweetie Pie. Precocious and wise beyond her years, she feels it is her right to know what is going on in the lives of her parents, siblings and friends. One evening as the family is gathered under the big old tree in their yard, Sweetie Pie notices a serious conversation between her parents.
Little does she know that the conversation was about her and a secret involving her parents, and three of their friends! Come along on a diabolical journey in “If The Tree Could Talk (oh, what stories it would tell)” that will test the patience and trust of everyone involved. In this story of lost love, betrayal, manipulation and finally the hope that springs eternal when love and trust, is renewed once again.



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