I Need; I Want By Bill Liggins

Matt Redcrop and Kayla Ross are struggling performing artists and lovers who have the odds stacked against them. With their sights set on Hollywood, they have been sharpening their skills under the tutelage of one of the toughest acting coaches in America, Shelley Isaacson of Tampa. When they realize they are no longer happy being on the fringes of fame, Matt and Kayla make the move to Hollywood with another couple from the workshop. As they become immersed in the roller coaster of emotions that accompany auditions and rejections, each is eventually led to a future they had never considered.

I NEED; I WANT is the story of a young couple learning about life under the spotlights, their search for balance between ambition and expectation, and the price of fame.



“I need acknowledgment. I want the energy from that. I need the truth. I want to be believed. I need to cry sometimes. I want to be able to cry. I need to break out of this rut. I want — I want — I want — to feel free to be angry.”

“Feel free, Matt,” a firm female voice said from the surrounding darkness. “What are you angry about? You’re angry because –”

“Awe shit, Shelley.”

“Go on. I’m angry because –”

“I’m angry because –” Matt took a deep breath and began pacing on the harshly lit stage. “I’m angry about my career. I’m angry at the industry. I’m angry about this exercise — about not having any options outside of acting. I’m angry because sometimes I can’t seem to think clearly. I’m angry because I’m impatient. I’m angry because — because — because — I’m angry.” Matt paused when he heard some of the other actors chuckling. “I’m angry–”

“Okay, Matt. Cut!” A middle aged, blond woman with reading glasses halfway down her nose, stepped into the stage lights. She was short but heavy. Matt towered over Shelley, but she was still an intimidating presence for him and all the other professional actors in her workshop. Shelley smiled and gave Matt an encouraging nod. “Very good.”

“Thanks.” Matt walked off the stage and leaned on a wall. A woman’s golden-brown hand reached out and lightly scratched the side of his bald head. When feeling her ticklish touch, an easy, dimpled smile sprouted on his face.

“Still angry?” She asked him, in a slight English accent. Matt shook his head and turned to the stunning young actress next to him.

“Who’s next?” Shelley asked. She removed her glasses, turned towards the other seventeen actors sitting in the darkness. No one raised their hand, but Shelley locked her eyes on one of them, the actress ticking Mat’s copper-toned scalp. “Kayla! We haven’t heard from you in a while.  Come on up. I need; I want.”

Kayla turned toward the stage. “Bloody hell,” She whispered. She reluctantly left Matt and strolled toward the black platform. Matt sipped on a bottle of water while watching her, appreciating her tight denims and shifting hips. When Kayla reached center-stage, the first person she looked at was Matt who gave her a reassuring wink, and that dimpled smile. Kayla then faced the audience.

 Bill Liggins is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He is an award-winning television producer, sportscaster, actor, and author of the novels Undying Love, Nova Chasers, and Warning. Liggins currently resides with his wife in Tampa, Florida.







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Q and A video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO075-oSZ40


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