I Am Special Yes I Am by Jayshaun Henry and Sheri Simmons


My main goal in this book is to bring awareness to people about special needs kids. All disabilities are not physical. At the moment, my condition is not visible, that doesn’t mean I don’t have it. By telling my story I hope to encourage other kids to be proud of who they are. It is hard sometimes to be happy when the world is so full of negative people and things. I am comfortable in my skin and hope my story educates people on the life of special needs children. All special needs children are not the same, but our journeys are similar.


My Struggle With Neurofibromatosis

I was born with spots of discolored skin all over my body. This is called Cafe au Laits.
Another long name, right?
People have a habit of making fun of me and calling me a Dalmatian.
But, I’m just a kid who loves to have fun.
“I like your birth marks”
or ask me “why do I have so many birth marks.”
The café au lait spots mean that I have a lifelong medical condition that can be very mild to very severe, therefore I must be monitored by several doctors for the rest of my life. It is not fun to be asked so many questions, and it is not fun to be teased about things I can not control.
I was around a year old when my mom noticed I wasn’t reaching standard milestones. So, she called a doctor.
I have to see many doctors.
Family and friends all ask the same questions about my disorder.
I get so frustrated repeating myself, but I have to adjust to answering questions.

About The Authors

Jayshaun Henry is a bright eight-year-old from New York City. He loves to play video games and sports (soccer and baseball) At birth; he was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. despite having a speech delay and learning disability, Jayshaun has been ahead of his class in reading and math since Prek.

Sheri Simmons is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. her purpose is to educate, inspire, lead and motivate people. She is very fortunate to do so in the career paths that she has chosen. Sheri has been a published author since 2012, writing over 20 books for herself and others. In September 2019, she launched her company, From Pain To Purpose LLC. Through her company, people can learn how to turn their pain into purpose through memoir writing and transformation coaching.

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