A Hustlers Coaliton by Bengy D. Sherman

One year out of high school, Antonio Freeman finds his self flat broke, without a job and no plans of furthering his education. in one afternoon everything changed and he went from flat broke to running his own mini cartel known as GMB (Get Money Boyz). Antonio Freeman AKA Free takes to the streets with only one thing on his mind and that is to get money at all cost. He sets out on a bloody mission fueled by greed and the mean and gritty streets of Fort Worth are in for a rude awakening. Many alliances has been formed and just as many has been broken.
“Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.” I said patting his knee with the barrel of my gun. “karma’s a motherfucker ain’t my nigga, but what I fell to realize is “WHY” why would you betray your family like that, we were family. I put you on true enough you was pushing your lil ounces and what not, but nigga I blessed your game with Keys. you went from making a couple thousand a week to over 10G’s. What you want to speak now, ok but before you speak choose your words carefully cause they might be your last.” I motioned for Sparkles to ungag his ass.
“Fr-Free cuzz I don’t know what the fuck you talking about my nigga. I aint betrayed shit. whoever feeding you this shit is a fucking.” Fat-C was cut off by a blow to the head that immediately blood started to run down his face courtesy of J-Rock.
“Bitch shut the fuck up you betrayed us. Free fuck this shit let me go ahead and kill this fat motherfucker.” J’Rock said pulling his and placing the cold steel to the side of his head. Fat-C begun to cry.
“Hey, Hey its a lil too late for that shit you shoulda thought about that shit before you made a deal with the devil.” I said standing up from mu position and liting a Newport.
bengyBengy Sherman at the age of 33 is a inspiring author, writer, husband and father. he is also the writer to Debut novel A hustler’s Coalition(GMB) that hits the streets October 7,2014. After two prison terms, numerous visits to jail this young African American is living proof that you can manifest your dreams into a reality. Now a published author under the guiding hand of Delphine Publications and with more fire street novels coming your way.
Get to know Bengy:
1). How much of this book is based upon personal experience?
      A: Majority of this book is based on real life occurrences. As a writer you have to be able to tell a story and what better and realer way to do that than to use some of your life story.
2). What made you sign with the publisher you have? and did you seek others?
     A: It was all about family I just felt safe with Delphine Publications, plus I liked what Delphine stood for and the many accomplished author under that label and saying that there was no need to look any further.
3). Who influenced my writing style?
     A: It’s so many talented street lit authors that it hard to choose from. But I would come to say Terri Woods, Donald Goines, Wahida Clark and my newest favorite Sonovia Alexander.
4). How long did it take you to write and put out this book?
     A: That’s an easy one to answer. considering all the time I had on my hands like a month or shorter and within the year I had wrote 5.
5). What or who inspired you to write?
     A: I’ve always loved writing that was one of my most favorite classes in school. but i guess i can answer that I would say myself because my life was in need of a change. I just picked up the pencil one evening and just went for it.
6). Is there anything about this experience so far that you would change?
    A: Not at all I’ve been blessed double time, from me putting out my first book to meeting some wonderful people who are willing to help me succeed. this is an experience that I will be able to talk about til I’m laid to rest, So I wouldn’t change anything.
7). What advice would you give upcoming authors?
    A: Just to trust in your abilities, stay focused, and trust in your team.
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